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Free MLM Leads-Why It Takes True Fans To Get The Results You Want

One of the goals of every mlm entrepreneur is to have a steady stream of leads, mostly free ml leads if possible. Now days, most people also use social media strategies to work on connecting with others.
In a recent post, Michael Hyatt wrote an excellent article in which he outlines why it takes true fans to get the results you want. I hope you follow his advice as you look to build your business.

Why It Takes True Fans to Get the Results You Want

The Key to Success Is Better Relationships, not Bigger Lists-by Michael Hyatt

In our direct-access economy, there are few assets more valuable than a good email list. But what qualifies a list as good?

The first answer is usually size. We base our value judgment on how many people are on the list. It’s the same for social media metrics. The more the merrier.
But not so fast. Reach is not the same as influence.
In my recent Best Year Ever product launch, I found that affiliates with the biggest lists did not necessarily get the best results. Many could not motivate their people to buy. At the same time, several affiliates with smaller lists had higher conversions and crushed affiliates with huge lists.
I’ve seen the same thing in publishing. An author might appear on paper to have a significant platform—big social media numbers, a large email list, and so on. But numbers don’t always add up to action. Sometimes an author’s new book would release, and people on their lists didn’t seem to care.
Why the disconnect?
It comes down to three factors: investment, trust, and expectation. Whatever our business, if we miss these factors, we’re not going to get the results we want.

1. Is Your Audience Invested in Your Message?

Several years ago Kevin Kelly, the co-founder of Wired, posted an article called “1,000 True Fans.”
The idea is simple. Most creators won’t see blockbuster success. But they can see enough success to sustain a profitable business if they cultivate 1,000 True Fans.
“A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce,” says Kelly. “They have a Google Alert set for your name. … They can’t wait till you issue your next work.” In other words, they are invested in your message, whatever it happens to be.
Investment equals response, and that’s critical when building a list because subscribers who aren’t invested won’t move the needle. The affiliates with smaller lists drove more sales because their audiences cared enough to respond when they spoke.

2. Does Your Audience Trust You?

Trust takes investment up a notch. True Fans buy because they trust. After all, sales is more than attention. It’s attention plus authority. If you have attention but no authority, you won’t convert clicks to cash.
What the smaller affiliates in the Best Year Ever launch lacked in size, they made up for in trust.
When they say a product is worth buying, their audiences believe it and act on it.
Trust comes down to one question: Can I count on you? If audiences can rely on high-quality content and recommendations that interest them, then even a small list can churn big numbers. The affiliates with smaller lists drove more sales because their audiences could count on the their recommendation.
But there’s still another factor.

3. Does Your Audience Expect to Buy?

Even though they had high investment and trust, some of the affiliates had trouble making the conversion because their audience did not expect the product pitch, the price, or maybe both.
True Fans are happy to buy when the offering fits their needs. Not everybody on a list is a True Fan. So when they see a pitch they ignore it. Some are even offended by it.
And this is exactly why the size of the list is almost irrelevant. A person with a small list of people who expect to buy from time to time will see far better results than a person with a massive list of people who expect everything for free.
The important thing is to train followers to expect the pitches. The job is to turn lesser fans into True Fans, as Kelly says. It takes time and practice, but eventually you can find and cultivate relationships with people who love to buy what you create.

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