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MLM Leads and Prospects-Where Can We Find Good Prospects?

Every mlm rep always asks this question-"Where can I find good prospects"?  It turns out this probably isn't the right question to ask because in truth, there are good prospects all around us. Based on our skill level, we are the ones who create good or bad ones.

In today's post, Tom Schreiter shares what we should be focusing on and the skills needed as we look to create a successful mlm business.

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Where can we find good prospects? by Tom Schreiter

And that might be totally the wrong question. 

The reality is, most prospects are neutral ... until they meet us. And when they meet us, what we say causes them to become a good prospect, looking for reasons to join ... or a bad prospect, looking for reasons not to join. 

Yes, we literally create good prospects. 

So the question is not where to find good prospects, but rather how we create good prospects. 

Think of it this way. Most prospects want the benefits of our product or service. Most prospects want more money. They are almost ... presold! All we have to do is choose good sequences of words that don't talk them out of it. 

And as we get better at our business, we learn great sequences of words to enhance the desire and passion in our prospects. And as we get even better, we can get people to beg us for presentations. How great is that? 

If you want to learn great sequences of words to create prospects on demand, read "Ice Breakers" and fill your appointment book with presentations immediately.

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Additional Tip!

Create a challenging riddle. 

Want more prospects? 

Create a riddle that is challenging and viral. For example, if you sold nutritional products you could create a test like this: 

* * * 

Which food will kill you fastest? 

A. Donuts
B. German Chocolate Cake
C. Pizza
D. Ice Cream 

Click HERE for the answer. 

* * * 

(Don't click on this test: it's only an example. I just made this test up using my four favorite food groups.) However, you would want to place a link to the answer, and make sure you had some selling copy on that page. 

This sample test would be viral as many people would send it to their friends. That's extra exposure to qualified prospects that you couldn't personally reach. 

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