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Network Marketing Tips-Are You Being Real with Yourself?

Sometimes, even though you may not like it, it's time to do self-check. This is especially true if you have a mlm business and can't seem to make it work.

One of the things I enjoy about Tom Schreiter''s mentoring is that he is so real.  In a recent email, he shared how to take a look at your network marketing career and the questions to ask yourself. I really enjoyed it and I thought you would too.

After you read the article, take time to look at the business building resources below. Especially take the time to download the Success in 10 Steps Ebook. If you are struggling in mlm, this books shares how failure and frustration is not your fault.

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I say that I want to lose weight. But, talk is cheap. There is an old saying, "You should never believe what people say, but only observe what they do."

And that applies to how we talk to ourselves. Yes, we can talk a good story to ourselves, and maybe even fool ourselves, but in the end, we will have to admit the reality.

For example, even though I say I would like to lose weight:

* I haven't invested in any exercise equipment.
* I choose to eat at Mexican buffets with my friends.
* I consistently eat more calories than I burn.
* I avoid any weight-loss classes and books.

You could accurately conclude, "Big Al" loves to eat with his friends more than he wants to lose weight.

So how do you feel about your network marketing career? Does your career suffer from the "Big Al" fat syndrome?

* How much have you invested in learning new skills?
* How much time have you invested in creating new relationships?
* Do you surf the Internet instead of talking to new prospects?
* Do you choose to stay home instead of attending the convention?

Same story, isn't it?

Life is about choices. And, you may have chosen to do network marketing as a hobby or as part of a community. That is okay. We can't do everything professionally. For example, while I choose to do network marketing professionally, I also choose to do dieting as a hobby.

There are no right or wrong choices on what we want to do professionally. However, it is important that we are truthful with ourselves by not believing what we say, but by simply observing what we do.

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