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MLM Training Tips-How Social Media Slows the Business

Today's mlm training tip has to do with how social media can slow  our business down. I know this sounds strange, especially when we hear a lot about how some people are successfully using it to grow their business, but the truth is there is a good side and bad side to it.

Tom Schreiter puts it in great perspective. And as usual, he is right!

Hope you find this helpful.

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So how hard is it to talk to "live" people? by Tom Schreiter

Network marketing is person-to-person, talking to a "live" human being. So why do new network marketers make it so hard? 

They want to start with strangers, because they don't know what to say to people they know. Not sure if strangers will appreciate them not knowing what to say. 

So what do they do? 

They post on social media, and then spend weeks writing content for their blog. They set up a squeeze page that sends people to a landing page that uses an opt-in box to put them on an autoresponder sequence. Then, they send email messages until the person goes and watches a teaser video, and hopefully will leave their details to be contacted. 

And then, finally, the new networker can make that phone call to this low-quality lead and hope not to get rejected. 

I sat in the audience about 20 years ago when Michael Clouse said, "I go into Starbucks, sit down near the door, and start a 'live' conversation with a 'live' person." 

Michael bypassed all the filters, hoops, and social media, and just went and talked to a "live" person. Pretty neat. 

But people say, "Well, that person in Starbucks ... how do you know that person is interested?" 

Of course that person is interested. Almost everyone wants more money and a better life. That person is just as interested, just as qualified as the low-quality lead that put some information on a form. 

But isn't just talking to people "old school?" Yes. It is so much more efficient than spending weeks and months for a chance to talk to a lead. 

But isn't social media, having 5,000 Facebook friends that don't care, a modern way to do network marketing? Well, if delaying talking to prospects is modern, yes. 

"But I heard of someone who made a fortune just buying an Internet course and sending out emails!" Well, could be true. Ask yourself if you have the same skill set, the same relationship with a mailing list, etc. as that person. 

Now, I am not saying, "Don't use social media." What I am saying is that many new distributors hide behind computer screens, avoid talking to "live" people, and delay the start of their business. 

Our business is talking to "live" people, so we want to get on with it as soon as possible. And the cruel truth of all of this is: If we spend weeks or months to get a chance to talk to a "live" prospect, we still have to talk to that prospect. 

Quickly learn how to talk to prospects, and your business will grow faster. 

My next book describes a way to get pre-sold prospects to come to you, but like social media, it takes time. So what should you do first? 

Learn to talk to people. Here is the simple book I recommend. And yes, I am biased.  

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