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Network Marketing Tips-Getting Leaders on Your Team

Everybody knows that most people who are very successful in network marketing have a handful of leaders who want it more than they do and who generate the most income.

The question most of us may have is how to find those leaders who want it more than us. Thankfully, Tom Big Al Schreiter, can help us out. Tom is a gentlemen who knows mlm very well and who built a downline of over 100,000 back in the 70's, the pre-internet days. We could say that Tom knows his stuff!

So, let's learn how to get those leaders on our teams now. Remember to always check out the business resources below. Especially click the link for the Success in 10 Steps ebook, a book which comes highly recommended by Tom.

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Getting leaders on your team by Tom Schreiter

What's the difference between leaders and non-leaders? Is it looks? Money? Contacts? Charisma? Great hair?

No. The difference is the six or eight inches between the ears. Leaders are the same as everyone else, except they think differently.

If leaders think differently, if they have different attitudes and viewpoints, why not teach these thinking patterns to your distributors, eh?

Here is what I recommend and why.

I have about 25 basic skills that I want my leaders to understand, believe, and live. If I can teach them these skills, everything else works.

Now, here is what you can do. Write down the 25 or so skills that you want your potential leaders to understand, believe, and live. Then focus your development training on transferring those skills.

Click here for my list of 25 skills:

For example, wouldn't it be nice if your distributors believed that:

* "Problems are always with us. Let's just get on with doing our business." Or . . .

* "My obligation is to notify everyone I know about my opportunity. They don't have to listen or join, but at least they should have the chance to hear about it if they wish." Or . . .

* "Prospects will join me; not the company, the products, the fancy brochure, etc. I must have information and skills that prospects want."

Teach skills like this to your distributors and soon you'll have leaders.

But what if a leader had no plan, no agenda, no training, and just hoped to be their friend and hoped that magic happened? What if that leader hoped that one day lightning would strike and his new distributor would automatically think and act like a leader?

I would say, "Bad plan."  

I think that leader should hope for a lot of thunderstorms.

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