Sunday, August 18, 2013

Network marketing prospecting techniques-What to say to your worthless brother-in-law

Today's network marketing prospecting technique comes from Tom Schreiter. A few minutes ago, I finished reading a email he sent out to his list. It offered some good ideas on how to get our new prospects started off right. Everybody knows people will fail miserably if they have no guidance. Since we don't want to do that to our team members, doesn't it make sense to tell them exactly what to do?

With that said, let's see what Tom has to say about all of this!

To Your Success,
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What to say to your worthless brother-in-law by Tom Schreiter

I am often asked, "So what do I say to strangers?"

The distributor wants to stop a stranger in the street, and sell that stranger their product ... because it will really help that stranger.

For example, someone sells a diet product. They want to stop fat people in the street as we walk by, because their product really, really works well, and we need it.

Do you see "ugly" about to happen?

The new distributor hasn't got a clue about our business. They think they are in the product-selling business, or the business opportunity business. It is a good idea that they do networking as a hobby, because they won't be earning much money in the future.

So what does that distributor want from me? A cool "Ice Breaker" that will induce an instant buying response from the prospect. Unfortunately, that is step #2 in the process, not step #1.

Well, this distributor doesn't even know that the presentation is step #4, so the distributor rushes to do presentation after presentation, with minimal or miserable results. Everything is out of order.

So as professional sponsors, we have to realize our new distributors are clueless. They are brand new, and they don't even know what they don't even know. It is like a new job.

As part of our obligation of being a sponsor, we have to at least tell them what is really going on. They don't know where to start.

So what should we do?

Maybe start with the minimal basics. Teach the new distributor the four processes, the four steps that happen in human encounters. At least then they won't be trying to give presentations as step one or step two.

So think about building your business this way. When someone starts a new job, they need someone to tell them exactly what to do, exactly what to say, what order to do things, etc. This would be how you would build a trained team.

So if someone wants to earn money, let's teach him or her the 25 basic skills. And if someone wants to do it as a hobby, at least teach him or her the four steps we must do in a human encounter.

Most of our problems, questions, and grief come from not telling our new distributors the basics.

If you don't have a good rapport with your new distributor, or if they want to learn on their own, here are a few resources.

If they are going to do it as a hobby, send them to: 

Everything here is free. They can surf page after page of links to entertain themselves and learn some interesting things about what they should be doing.

If they are going to do their business as a business, then send them to our professional learning community at: 

The tuition there will be a lot less than school.  

Tom Schreiter

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