Sunday, May 26, 2013

Network Marketing Prospecting Tools-How To Effectively Prospect 20 People A Day

Art Jonak is one of my favorite mlm mentors. On You Tube, he has a network marketing prospecting video series which is filled with lots of useful tips, tools, and strategies.

In the video, Art talks with mlm leader Ken Dunn who prospects upwards to 20 people a day! You might ask, how can that even be possible? If you want to see how Ken does it with ease, then make sure you watch the video in its full entirety.  Also, make sure you download the free ebook called "Success in 10 Steps" by Mr. Michael Dlouhy. At one point in time, Michael was one of Art's leaders and he had a lot of useful mlm tips to share in his book. Reading it will save you years of failure and frustration.

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Resources To Help You Grow Your Business

"Success in 10 Steps" The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and
Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps. or

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Pre-sell non-networkers. Easy-to-use .pdf brochure, no cost:

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The Big Al Complete Library Special: Volume 1 + Volume 2 + Bonuses! Now you can learn every magic sentence, every story technique, the "One-Minute Presentation," super recruiting skills and more.

What to say to the "Red" personality ... You often hear me talk about the four different "color" personalities.   Yes, one of the 25 basic skills is the "color" personalities. It makes us communicate more effectively.

MLM Leads and Prospects: A better way! If you are looking for leads, or even buying leads - please watch this first. You want to say the right things to prospects.

The MLM Secret Code for "No." How to understand when prospects are telling us "No" - and the 9 words that make all the difference in your business. 

3 ways to Brand Your Business:

"How to Double Your Traffic by Writing Irresistible Headlines" Webinar

The Big Al Report by Tom Schreiter: h 

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