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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-3 Advantages of Using Problem Solving to Gain customers or Partners

I was recently reading Tom, Big Al, Schreiter's "Big Al Report." In it, he discussed a network marketing prospecting technique which teaches the importance of learning to be a 'problem solver' as you look to build a successful mlm business.

Those people who do not take the time to learn the skill will have a very frustrating career in front of them. For those who do take the time to learn how to become effective problem solvers, business building gets a lot easier.

Tom offered 3 advantages to learning this skill. Take some time to read over what he has to say. If you listen and do what he recommends, you will find that problem solving will be one of the most  important network marketing prospecting techniques to learn.

Remember to also take the time to browse the business building resources below. The ebook, Success in 10 Steps comes highly recommended by Tom.

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Pushy salesmen don't get it by Tom Shcreiter

So I get this phone call. The caller says:

"I want you to be my customer."

Nothing like starting with his needs to build rapport.

The caller went on about how he wanted me to change my electricity, sign up with him, how it would help his business, and never once asked me if I had a contract, if I was happy with my current supplier, or even if I had an electric bill!

Was his service good? Yes.

Were his service prices good? Yes.

But he had already set up walls with his sales pitch about what he wanted.

He was a "Solution Pusher" and not a "Problem Solver."

What should have his approach been?

1. Create rapport.

2. Make me realize that I had a problem with my current supplier of electricity. Maybe that it was too expensive, or no customer service, or that I was giving my money to a nameless corporate company and not helping a friend.

3. Then offer to solve my problem as a friend who had built rapport.

So what did I do? I did what most prospects do. Gave a false objection just to get the pushy salesman off the phone.

The caller should have read this:


Turn off the salesman alarm.

Easy. As soon as you suspect the prospect is feeling that he is being sold to, instead of helped, ask this question:

"I am sure you have a lot of questions, so what would you like to know first?"

This simply puts the presentation back into the control of the prospect so that the prospect doesn't feel talked to.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
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Monique Hawkins
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