Sunday, February 24, 2013

Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success-How to Present Your Product In a Duplicatable Way

Today's network marketing tip has to do with how to present your company products in simple ways to prospects that will duplicate to your team.  As a leader, everybody knows the simpler the presentation, the easier your team members can follow your lead.

I just reviewed a great video by Art Jonak and Mike Potillo in which they talked about how to do just this. Here's a brief excerpt from Mike and Art:

"So, how does your product work?”

When someone asks YOU that question about YOUR network marketing product, what do you say? What do distributors on your team say? What answer do you train them to say?

When looking for a way to answer common questions that come up in your network marketing business, it’s best to put some thought into the answer. Apply some critical thinking. Test it. Find the the answer that works best… and then teach that.

I try to find answers that tackle as many of the following questions as possible:

Is the answer simple?

Is it fast?

Is it easy?

Is it simple to learn?

Can it duplicate? Meaning, can anyone on your team use the answer, regardless of their success or how long they’ve been in? Can it be duplicated for everyone.

Remember, in network marketing, the question isn’t “Does it work?” the question is “Does it work and will it duplicate?”

Every time the answer is used, can it also re-sell the person using it on the product, company, business or profession of network marketing?

Is the answer “social.” Meaning, will it create a conversation or will it end a conversation?"

Art and Mike had more to share. To read the rest of the post and to watch their brief video, visit:

I really found what the guys shared helpful and I'm sure you will too.

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