Sunday, October 21, 2012

Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques- 7 Easy Business Building Tips from Big Al

Everybody knows when it comes to mlm, there are many network marketing prospecting techniques which can be used to build their mlm business. Some techniques work well, some don't. If you are a rep who desires to learn the skills and strategies which do work well, then Tom, Big Al, Schreiter is the gentleman to pay close attention too. As a  mentor to thousands around the world as well as one who has successfully built a huge organization in the past, it is quite safe to say he knows his stuff!

In a recent email I received from Tom, he shared 7 prospecting, lead generation, easy business building strategies, and other fantastic tools each of us kind find helpful as we look to build a successful business.

I thought I would share the links with you. Take some time to click on each and take careful notes! 

Remember to also visit the business building resources below!

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Tom Schreiter Recommended Links:

1. Want instant rapport with your
prospects? Here are six ways:

2. You often hear me talk about the 6
levels of communication. We always want
to use the highest level available to
us. Here is the video:

3. Want more hot prospects now?  I've
posted several ways to get them on my

4. Our job is to close. We don't get
paid unless we close. This is the
link to the Members-only class that
explains closing like you never could

5. Every new distributor needs to read
this. If they really understood how their
network marketing business really worked,
they would soar.

6. Many readers couldn't get on the
Jerry "D'Rhino" Clark tele-training
call. Here is the link to the recording
of the call. Enjoy!

7. New distributors are intimidated by the
task of building a huge downline. Make it
simple and comfortable for them with this

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Resources To Help You Grow Your Business

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Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps. 

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