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Network Marketing Recruiting Ideas-How to Create An Army With One Link

I'm on a number of email lists from various mlm leaders. All of them have great network marketing recruiting ideas. In a recent email I received from Mr. Mike Sherrat, he talked about some unique strategies he uses to build a list of hungry prospects. Mike shares how his techniques helps build his mlm business over time. I felt his ideas were pretty valuable so I thought I'd share them with you.

How to Create An Army With One Link by Mr. Mike Sherrat

To understand the art of building a list is you first have to know the audience you are marketing too.  This is the key to getting people to opt in to your autoresponder.

A huge mistake that many people do is they lead with a business opportunity on the front end of their marketing funnel. While this will make you sales, it will also limit your ability to earn from the people who aren't interested in your business opportunity.

Example: 1 person out of every 40 people who opt into your autoresponder signs up to your business. What do you do with the other 39 people?

The worse thing you can do is have a autoresponder series that runs for 30 days and all you are doing is promoting the same business over and over and over and over .... AND OVER!   Don't you think after the 3rd no the person isn't interested?

Whatever your business is if you want a person to join it -> Get them to want to join YOU!

If you want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone provide solutions to the people you are marketing too.  If fact don't sell anything all. Selling is the worse thing to do, nobody likes being sold, HOWEVER people love to buy. We buy stuff all the time.

The best thing you can do is learn valuable internet marketing skills and teach them to others..

The failure rate for people wanting to come online and make money is around 95% what this means is most people have no idea what to do.  While everyone is lost and confused trying to "sell" a business they really could care less about, why not teach these people the skills that are required to be successful?

To tell you the truth it took being disgusted at how hard it was to get leads to join my business. I advertised everywhere and spent a fortune and would only get 5 or 6 leads a day. That wasn't very productive and boy was I thick headed. It sucks spending $60 for a solo ad and only getting 3 opt ins and no sign ups...

I went to the same place bought another $60 ad  -> instead of trying to sell my business, I decided to make a lead capture page giving a person a report on how to use twitter for free... I got 42 opt ins....

I later offered more free reports with some upsells... (everything I offered the person was to help them get educated on how to get more traffic to their websites) I was helping them solve their problems.. In my P.S statement at the bottom I just shared with them what I was personally doing.

I made more money than I would have if I tried to get all 42 people into my business that most of them weren't interested in. I also got a couple of people into one of the businesses I am involved with.

It is a win/win situation - I got people into my business and I made money from people that weren't interested in my business.  More importantly than that I gained their trust and provided real value to them.

To Your Prosperity,

Mike Sherratt

Innovation Business Coach

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The article by Mike is packed with highly useful network marketing ideas. Think carefully about what Mike shared, take action, and watch your business grow!

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