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Network Marketing Online Recruiting-How to use Google to Attract MLM prospects

I have a friend named Robert in Sweden. Robert has become an expert in network marketing online recuriting and is building a team from all around the world.

Most people know that recruiting online for mlm prospects can be a great marketing strategy. However, in order for it to work, you must make sure you are doing it correctly. This is where my friend Robert comes in. In one of his blog posts, he shares some of the mistakes he has made, what he has learned from them, and how to use the powerhouse search engine, Google, to attract mlm prospects.

What Robert has to say is important so I thought I'd share it with you. Below you will find an excerpt from his blog. Make sure you click on the link so that you can read the full post. Also, remember to visit the business building resources below!

Let me tell you about an MLM marketing mistake I made… Plus, use Google to attract MLM prospects- By Robert Klinga

Let me tell you about an MLM marketing mistake I made… Plus, use Google to attract MLM prospects-By Robert Klinga

We all know that MLM is a marketing business and it’s also all about creating long lasting friendship.

What would be easier to chase people desperately or to learn how to get people chasing you?

So… How can we attract people easily and rejection free?

Well… One way is through the Internet and remember there are different paths you can choose to increase your chances of success on your network marketing journey.

It’s like a smorgasbord as we say in Sweden… You know… some people prefer meat, some people prefer fish and some people prefer vegetables and berries. We all have different personalities and experiences.

Let me tell you about an MLM marketing mistake I made…

I was searching for a good keyword phrase on the Internet and suddenly I found one. I did a video about that keyword phrase and spread it all around the Internet… Later I got three links on the first and second page of Google. But I realized that were some misspellings in the description so I deleted the videos to correct them… Ooopps!

What did I learn?

1. Always check your spellings and the links.
2. Don’t delete the resources (in this case the videos)
if you’re on the first and second page of Google.

It's ok that Robert made some network marketing online recruiting mistakes because he learned what not to do the next time around! To read the rest of Robert's post, click here:

Remember to always visit the business building resources below.

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