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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques: Tip #5 On How to Communicate More Effectively with your Prospects

Tom, Big Al, Schretier is one of my favorite mentors. He never seems to run out of effective network marketing prospecting techniques and ideas we can use to build our mlm business.

I have been learning a lot from Tom about the best ways to communicate with leads. Today, we will learn why a two way conversation is one of the best ways to build relationships with others.

Lesson Five: Level Five Communication (two-way conversation) by Tom Schreiter

Isn't it different when you meet someone in person?

This is a whole different relationship and conversation than sending a simple email.

In person, there is a bonding that you can't get from a simple telephone call. Think about this.

Sometimes people know each other from telephone calls, but they look forward to meeting that person in person. You see this all the time in network marketing. People participate in telephone conference calls and training, but when they meet at convention, a special bond that is created.

People are social.

That is why we are so addicted to text messaging, Facebook, and parties. We love to connect.

Connecting in person is so much more powerful than a text message or telephone call.

Now consider this. If you could send an email to a prospect (Level One Communication), or meet the prospect face-to-face (Level Five Communication), which would you choose?

Well, if you wanted to communicate at a higher level and be more effective, yes, you would choose to meet that person ... in person.

==> And I'm sure you can see the tragedy approaching.

Can you imagine meeting someone in person, having a two-way conversation, seeing the body language, listening to that person's concerns ... and then sending them to a web page????

That's going from Level Five Communication all the way down to Level Two Communication!


Now it makes sense when you hear a professional network marketer say:

"The easiest way to get rid of a prospect is to send them to your web page."

This is funny only to people who know the six levels of communication.

Now, you can't meet everyone in person. There are distance and time considerations. So if you can't meet someone in person because they live thousands of miles away, simply choose the highest level of communication that is available to you.

For example, if you can't meet at Level Five Communication, could you talk and see them at Level Four Communication, a video telephone call?

If not, could you talk to them at Level Three Communication, a telephone call?

Just pick the highest level of communication that is available to you.

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Good stuff as usual from Tom! In the next blog post, we will learn the ultimate  way to connect with our potential customrers or team members. It's a network marketing prospecting technique you gotta be learn and use!

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