Sunday, June 24, 2012

Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques: Tip #4 On How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Prospects

I hope you have been learning a lot from the network marketing prospecting technqiues as presented by Tom schreiter about how to I communicate more effectively with your prospects. I don't know about you, but I desire to communicate with my prospects using the best method! We haven't gotten to #1 yet, but we are well on our way.  Today, we will be discussing communication skill #4: using a video telephone call.

Lesson Four: Level Four Communication (two-way conversation) by Tom Schreiter

Someone once said tonality and body language are 93% of communication.

With Level Four Communication, a video telephone call, you can see your prospect's face. You can see your prospect roll his eyes when you talk about the tiny details of your compensation plan. You can see your prospect fall asleep during your presentation.

And you can see that slight smile when your prospect agrees with you.

That slight smile may also tip you off that you are talking about exactly what your prospect wants to hear. You are communicating at a much higher level.

With a video telephone call your prospect can see your face. Your prospect can see if you are interested in his part of the conversation.

Now it is easy to be rude by email, and easy to be rude to a faceless person over the telephone, but it is a lot harder to be rude face-to-face on a video telephone call.

Your conversations will be more personable and more polite.

How do you persuade reluctant prospects to get on a video telephone call?

Use your imagination. Maybe tell your prospects you have something to "show them" and they could see it on your video telephone call.

There is a bonding when you see someone face-to-face. Use that bonding to communicate better.

Video telephone call services are free with Google, Skype, etc.

So let's review:

Talking at someone. One-way communication:
   Level One Communication: Simple text email.
   Level Two Communication: Physical letter, web page, video, brochures.

Having a conversation with someone. Two-way communication:
   Level Three Communication: Telephone call.
   Level Four Communication: Video telephone call.

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Video telephone calls sounds like a network marketing prospecting technique all of us should utilize as much as possible if we can get by not needing to do use communication skills one-three. If anyone feels intimidated by these, take the time to learn the skills Big Al teaches so you will feel more at ease as you talk to people. Stay tuned since we are two skills away from #1!

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