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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-How to Really Change Your Prospects Beliefs

Everybody knows who has been in mlm for awhile that when we're talking to prospects about our products or services, many times the battle has to do with getting past their negative mental filters/beliefs. So, one of the most important network marketing prospecting techniques we can learn is how to get past those negative filters.

So knowing this, I really appreciated receiving a message from Tom, Big Al, Schreiter about how to change our prospects beliefs and how educating them can really change their life.

If you as a rep desire to help educate people and change their life for the better, I believe you will appreciate this as much as myself!

How to really change your prospects' beliefs by Tom Schreiter

Once you educate your prospects, their lives will never be the same.


People tend to notice things that support their beliefs. When you give your prospects new knowledge, new beliefs, and new points of view, they will constantly see supporting facts to your business proposition. That means just one simple follow-up call or contact can skyrocket your results.

How does this new point of view work?

For example, you are driving down the highway. Lots and lots of cars pass by. Some Corvettes, some BMW's, some Kias (rather slowly), some Fords, etc. Lots and lots of cars.

Do you notice them? Not really.

Now, imagine you purchase a brand new Mercedes. You travel the same highway and past the same cars as the day before. Did you notice all the Mercedes cars? Sure. Because you drive a Mercedes. You now notice each Mercedes you pass. You have a new point of view towards Mercedes cars.

Another example. Let's say you think that all the people in the next city are idiots, jerks, morons and wastes of humanity. You notice every mistake they make and say to yourself, "Yep. There they go again. What a bunch of losers." Your consciousness goes out of its way to locate instances that support your belief.

We see example after example of this phenomenon every day.

If a woman has a bad experience with a man (rare, but still possible), will she tend to think all men are jerks and notice events that prove her point?

If a man buys a foreign car that turns out to be a lemon, won't he constantly find instances of cheap, low-quality foreign goods?

If you believe today is going to be a great day, won't you notice the beautiful sunshine and gorgeous scenery?

If you believe today is going to be a terrible day, won't you notice the traffic jams, the garbage on the streets and the sad faces of people going to work?

The point is: People usually experience what they believe. Their minds seek out instances of proof to support their beliefs.

Is this a recent human phenomenon? No.

Here's a quote from Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts:
"Abraham Lincoln was convinced all his life that he, like his mother, Nancy Hanks, was illegitimate, and he observed that "bastards are generally smarter, shrewder, and more intelligent than others." Not until after his assassination was it proven that Lincoln had been legitimate."
So even President Abraham Lincoln sought out experiences that justified his beliefs.

Okay, okay. You're thinking, "Yes, that's a nice psychological phenomena ... yawn. How will that help my business?"


All you have to do is ... give your prospect a new belief and your prospect will find experiences to prove you right. That's right. Your prospect will do all the work for you.

Want to see how this works?

Let's say you have a neighbor that goes to work every day. His belief? You have to go to work every day to earn a living. Your neighbor doesn't believe in network marketing. Network marketing is too unconventional. You can't make money if you don't go to work.

Our job is to gradually give our neighbor a new belief. We don't want to beg or force our opportunity on our neighbor. We want our neighbor to go to an opportunity meeting.

Here is how we do it.

One morning say to your neighbor, "Morning, Neighbor. Glad to see you're off for another day at work. Hey, did you ever look out your window at work? Did you notice all those people running around on the streets and sidewalks? When you go to lunch over at the mall, did you notice all those shoppers? I wonder what they do for a living since they don't go to work on a regular job."

You just planted the seed.

Your neighbor sees a bunch of happy shoppers while he is at lunch. He thinks, "Do they have different hours? Do they own their own business? How is it they have time off for shopping during a weekday?"

When your neighbor looks out the office window he sees people playing in the park. He thinks, "Not all of those people can be millionaires or retirees. How do they earn a living and still have time to play in the park?"

Everywhere your neighbor looks, he sees people who are not going to work. Lots of independent people. Lots of happy people. Now, these people were there every day, but your neighbor didn't notice them until you gave your neighbor a new belief.

Time to collect.

One week later you see your neighbor come home from work. You say, "Howdy, Neighbor. Long day at the office, eh? Have you ever considered a part-time or full-time business so you'd have more time to do what you really wanted?"

Your question now has validity. It's real. Your prospect saw hundreds of people this past week who aren't tied down to a 9 to 5 job. In fact, everywhere your neighbor looked, people were enjoying themselves and weren't locked up in some office building.

What's the attitude and response to your prospecting question from your neighbor? He thinks, "Lots of people have time off during the day and still make a living. Why not check out this part-time business thing?"

See the difference? If you ask the recruiting question of your neighbor before he has the belief, you're shot down in flames. Your job is to simply change the prospect's beliefs. The rest is easy.

Professional marketers know that when they change the prospects' beliefs, the prospects will come to them.

Want some more examples? Here are some prospect beliefs that may hold back your business:
1. You can't lose weight with pills or shakes.

2. Nobody makes money in network marketing.

3. Only the people at the top make the big money.

4. Network marketing is door-to-door sales.

5. You have to be an extrovert to earn big money in network marketing.

6. I don't have time for anything.

7. My friends will think poorly of me if I try this.

8. Jobs have security, network marketing doesn't.

9. My company really appreciates and values my work.

10. Pyramids are illegal.

11. The government will take care of me.
See the picture?

All these beliefs are holding your prospect back, preventing them from cashing in on the freedom and money that network marketing provides. When we change these beliefs, the prospects will form a line at our front door, asking to join our opportunity.

And, many times beliefs are easier to change than you think. Want an example?

Suppose I wrote at the top of this article: "Friday 5:37 am."

What's your belief? Is your belief that Big Al is a disciplined worker and writer? That Big Al rises early in the morning and writes for a few hours before his daily activities? Is your belief that Big Al is successful because he rises early?

Whoops! Wrong belief. Big Al just stays up really late ... and sleeps in many mornings until 9 or 10 a.m.

Now, what do you think? See how easily a belief can be changed?

So don't believe you can't change many people's beliefs. You can. You can't change all the people's beliefs all the time, and you can't change every belief a person has. You only need to change a few prospects' beliefs and you can literally make a fortune in network marketing.

*** It is easier to change people's beliefs when you can talk to them in their own "secret language." You can learn the "secret language" of your prospects here:

Prepare to laugh as you will see your relatives, co-workers, and friends in a whole new light.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA

Wasn't this great what Tom shared? If we learn how to talk to people, educate them so they develop a new set of beliefs, they will be helped plus our mlm business will grow. This has be to one of the best network marketing prospecting techniques to master! So, take the time to learn this things and your mlm business will indeed grow!

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