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Network Marketing Prospecting Tools-Why Its Important to Have A "Landing Page"

If you are building your network marketing business online, it is important to be very good at 2-3 network marketing prospecting tools that are highly effective. Whatever you choose to do online to attract potential customers and team members, one important tool you must always have in a "landing page" in which you can capture people's contact information. Why is this so crucial? The following article by John Barasa I found explains the importance of  having powerful landing pages very well.

If you do not currently have a landing page on your site, you likely are losing a lot of potential mlm  leads. So, after reading this article, make sure your sites have them.

Employ the "Landing Page" As Your Reliable Lead Generation Tool for MLM

Don't Depend on Luck or Exhausting Pursuit to Get Prospects: a Scrupulous "Landing Page" on Your Website Will Attract Tons of Leads
landing page is a powerful prospecting tool for MLM network marketing. It is designed to generate leads from a website or social media post. It is scripted and crafted as a compelling message ('pitch' in the marketing lingo) to catch the interest of prospects to consider your offer of worth such as a free book, video or access to a beneficial seminar. The idea is to entice an interested or curious prospect surfing the web, in exchange for the free offer, to sign up and to provide his name and contact, a call to action, so that you, the MLM network marketing agent, can then follow up with paying offers of product, service or business opportunity.
An online landing page is the sublime arsenal of in-bound or attraction marketing. The prospect who willingly submits his name and contact becomes a hot lead and the MLM marketing network agent can subsequently follow up with solicitations for business. To get viable sales leads, the landing page design spells out the offer of worth and also what action the prospect must take, such as promptly providing their name and contact. For its potential to create a perpetual large number of hot sales leads, the landing page is the tool which decisively distinguishes in-bound marketing from traditional "old school" methods like pursuing the "warm market", purchasing leads, applying the 3-foot rule, distributing brochures and fliers or placing advertisements.
Let's see how a landing page fits in online MLM network marketing strategy. A typical dedicated lead generation plan for MLM network marketing would comprise 3 basic website components:
1 Page domains and sub-domains
This is the main body of the website which introduces the MLM network marketing agent and business. It describes the products and the agent's expertise and responsibility for running the business. The page domains, each classified functionally, show the business products and company resources and capability. The website may also indicate the type and potential return of a MLM business opportunity. To trigger the web surfer to become a client, these pages would have a link to the landing page where the benefits of products or services are more elaborated and digital sign-up for the prospect is facilitated.
The pages must clearly exhibit interest for convenience and enjoyment of visitors to the site and concern about online security. The agent or company contact information have to be provided because it is essential to authenticate and validate the integrity of the business.
2 Blog Posts
Blogs are regular narratives with fresh and interesting facts and ideas, often combined with audio or video presentations, created to describe, present or discuss a subject, event, product or service that would appeal to prospects, clients as well as experts and thought leaders in the market niche of the business. Blogging aims to educate, often reducing vast, confusing and complex volumes of information and ideas to a form that is manageable by a time-strapped consumer.
Regular first-rate blogging, which employs carefully chosen subject matter, wording and scripting( "search engine optimized"), is the most efficient way to constantly achieve high ranking by Google and other major search engines. The blog could be part of or appended to the main website or, optionally, be a separate, but linked, stand-alone website. Blogs urge and direct the visitor who has come to the web-page or blog post to proceed to the landing page.
3 Landing Page
  • In order to achieve its objective, the landing page is necessarily a stand-alone website for three reasons:
  • to explain clearly the offer of value and persuade the prospect to take it
  • to make a call to action. to guide the website visitor take appropriate action, namely sign up voluntarily to get what is being offered and more
  • to ensure minimal distraction from other content on the website that is not immediately relevant to the pitch and the sign-up process.
The prospect opens the landing page by clicking a link, URL or banner in the main website pages, blog or social network posts or in an e-mail. The landing page can also be opened by typing the URL on a business card, brochure or from directions in a podcast or social media.
  • The landing page design has the following elements:
  • Specifics of offer of value which may include a zero or low cost product or service
  • Explanation of the value and benefits which the offer will give to the prospect
  • Specific call to action: direction and condition of how the prospective client would respond in order to get the offer, such as promptly filling out an attached on-line form giving his name, e-mail, telephone number and so forth
  • Optionally and preferably, have captivating and relevant images such as videos, audios and info-graphics, which may include testimonials of existing customers
The landing page has to be persuasive and address all expected objections and concerns of potential customers. This possibility creates considerable leverage and advantage to the in-bound MLM network marketing business and especially considering it has a considerable reach but with less demand for time and communication resources than traditional prospecting.
Thus, a landing page design with optimal content and layout will bring you a large number of self-selected motivated prospects and enable you to reach your MLM business goals faster and with less effort than other forms of lead generation. Our blog provides information on and discusses the mechanics of creating content, scripting and lay-out, and graphical enhancements of effective lead pages which will enable you to consistently attract a growing number of clients. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas on the subject.
Working as an independent network marketing agent, John Barasa is in a joint-venture multi-lateral enterprise that focuses on sourcing and developing online lead generation tools. His main goal of blogging is to educate people, new to or struggling with internet business, about the enormous opportunity of web-based MLM network marketing.
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By now, I am sure you have a clear understanding of the importance of having landing pages. They can be quite powerful and should always be part of the network marketing prospecting tools you use online.

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