Sunday, January 22, 2012

Network Marketing Tips-Why Problems Are A Reps Friend

One of the most important network marketing tips to always keep in mind is to learn to think about things in positive and not negative ways; to think outside of the box. When you do this, you will find that you never run out of ways to grow your mlm business.

Today's network marketing tip has to do with how some reps think problems can be stumbling blocks. In reality, with the right mindset, problems can be our friends. Here is why!

It's A Huge Problem!-by Tom Schreiter

Last week I did a training meeting for a nutrition company in Sweden.

Some distributors came late and complained, "There is no parking!"

The training was at a meeting room in a health club, and of course, it's January. Everybody is at the health club in January. They are going to work on their New Year's goal to get in shape and lose weight ... for only a few more days.

Next month, the parking lot will be empty.

So, there are two types of networkers in the world.
1. Those that complain, "There is no parking..."

2. Those networkers that say, "Hey! Look at all these prospects who want to get healthy!"
Yes, some people look for reasons to fail. Others look for problems, and they know that in every problem, somebody is going to make a lot of money solving it.

In network marketing, we solve people's problems. We help them lose weight, have better skin, save money, get healthier, look better, travel, earn money and more. That's why we earn money, big money.

So the next time we see a problem, let's think to ourselves, "That's a great opportunity for someone to earn big money solving that problem."

Problems are our friends.

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