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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-How To Sell to Strangers Who Only Want A Job

As networkers, sometimes we seem to run into people who only seem to want a job. Most people say this because they have not been educated about network marketing. One of the best network marketing prospecting techniques you can learn is how to educate the prospects you talk to about what makes mlm so special.

Tom Schreiter has some great tips on how to do this. Since we can safely say he's been around the block a few times with all of this, he would be the ideal person to learn from!

How To sell to strangers Who Only Want A Job by  Tom Schreiter

Instead of being stressed about giving a sales presentation, why not take an alternate view point? Why not consider that you have the simple task of educating?

Many prospects don't know, or don't believe they could ever be successful in their own business. They received their total education from their parents and schools.

If their parents had jobs, they only know the job lifestyle. If their schools wanted them to graduate, the schools only had them memorize answers to pass tests. They may not have been educated in what is possible.

So look at our task as educating our prospects with possibilities they could choose from.

We're not in charge of our prospects' lives, their thinking, etc. Just in charge of giving them the facts. Now we have an educational exchange, not a sales presentation.

Simply let people make up their minds about what's best for them. After all, they're adults.

I use the generic prospecting book, "How to Get Rich without Winning the Lottery." Keith's book soft-sells ordinary people and turns them into educated, pre-sold prospects. That's the hardest task. Once someone is a prospect, I find that it's quite easy from there.

I'm often in a hurry, yet I do want to give a fair and complete story of what network marketing can do. But how can I spend 30 minutes with a hotel bellman, a taxicab driver, or a new contact when I'm late for a training session or prospecting appointment?

I can't. That's why I like this book. Not only does it give the story of network marketing in a way that ordinary prospects can understand, but it also pre-sells them. If they have any motivation for change, reading this book will change their lives. And then it's easy to tell them about our business.

If you'd like some other generic prospecting tips that Keith shares, go to: 

On that page, you can get the special report, "How to Get Swamped with Prospects Begging to Join Your Network Marketing Business."

I especially like his tip on how to prospect by not answering the telephone. You'll love this short answering machine script because it gets even your shy distributors back to work again. 

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I feel what Tom had to share was pretty simple. It's a network prospecting technique that takes the pressure off isn't it? Why not take some time to learn how to educate your leads well. If you do, it will make growing your mlm business much easier!

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