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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-Part 2 of the Learning The 6 Skills of Communication Training

Most people realize who have been in  mlm for some time realize that building a prosperous network marketing business takes work, commitment, and skills. Without skills, Big Al Schreiter likes to say we are dead in the water!

In my last blog post, I shared with you part one of the series of network marketing prospecting techniques Tom has been sharing about the 6 skills of communication and how they can help us in our mlm business. Today's post will cover the level 2 skill in which Tom will discuss what communication technique is better than email.

Lesson One: Level Two Communication (talking at someone.) by Tom Schreiter

What is better than a simple text email?

A physical letter.

Yes, the days of massive amounts of junk mail are in the past. Now the junk mail is showing up as spam in email boxes on the Internet.

A physical letter, real paper, inside of a real envelope is harder to throw away compared to how easy it is to delete an email.

In a physical letter you can underline and highlight your message, handwrite in the margins, and even staple something to the letter to make it stand out.

Since people don't get many letters now compared to 20 years ago, the letter will draw more attention to your message.

But, a letter is still one-sided communication. You are doing all the talking. There is no listening to the prospect. You get no feedback or questions from the prospect.

You are operating blind.

So you can pontificate, preach, and hype all you want, but maybe no one is reading or listening.

Feedback helps us make our message specific and targeted to our prospect.

For instance, you might want to write about your company's background, but all your prospect is interested in is your product. Not good communication.

And yes, a letter is more expensive than a "free" email, but your readership will skyrocket as you will be different from your competition.

One little tip about letters. If you can handwrite a small message on the outside envelope, it is like having a great subject line for an email. It will enhance your readership and results.

*** But here is where things really go wrong. Level Two Communication is talking at someone. It is one-way communication.

There is no feedback. No nod of understanding or approval. You are totally blind to any reaction or question from the prospect.

What else would be Level Two Communication?

* A video. Loan someone a video and the video talks at them.

* A brochure. Loan someone a brochure and the brochure talks at them.

* Send someone to your website, and the website talks at them.

==> Yes, sending someone to your website might not be a very good idea. It's one-way communication.

How good is a conversation if only one person does the talking, and that person isn't listening?

So think about Level Two Communication this way:

If you had your prospect's email and also his mailing address, and you desperately wanted your prospect to see your message, which medium would you choose?

The physical letter or a video or a brochure or a website, of course. At least that is better than Level One Communication.

Yes, there are cost considerations with a physical letter, but if you really wanted to communicate your message to your prospect, you'd choose a Level Two Communication method.

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This is good stuff which Tom has shared with us. Today, we learned how a physical letter, brochure, or video is much better than email. Yes, it does cost a bit more, but in the end its worth it. One of the most important network marketing prospecting technique is learning how to communicate with prospects at higher levels of communication. In the next post, we will learn how 2-way communication is even  a higher level of communication technique.

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