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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-Learn The 6 Skills of Communication

Everybody knows that building a prosperous network marketing business takes work, committment, and skills. Without skills, Big Al Schreiter likes to say we are dead in the water! I thought I'd share with you a series of network marketing prospecting techniques Tom has been sharing with his readers about why its important to learn the 6 skills of communication and how they can help us in our mlm business. Today's post will cover the level 1 skill communication: talking at someone.

Lesson One: Level One Communication (talking at someone.) by Tom Schreiter

The lowest level of communication is a simple text email.

* Your email could easily be misunderstood.

* There is no place for emphasis, underlining of words, or bold letters.

* It is a one-way communication. You are talking, but you don't get immediate feedback.

* And it is a lot harder to write correctly and clearly than it is to talk.

* And it is very impersonal.

Now, a simple email text message isn't bad. It is just the lowest form of communication. It is hard to communicate one's belief and one's passion. Worst of all, it can easily be deleted with a simple click of the mouse.

No sense of urgency, no appearance of importance, and just the bland written word makes this level of communication a difficult medium to sell.

However, many times it may be our only means of communication. For instance, when want to send out 38,000 copies of my newsletter, I know I don't have time to call everyone. I have to live with the limitations of simple text emails.

If you capture leads and only capture the email contact address, you too will have the same limitations.

*** But here is where things really go wrong. Level One Communication is talking at someone. It is one-way communication.

There is no feedback. No nod of understanding or approval. You are totally blind to any reaction or question from the prospect.

It's ugly.

Consider simple text emails as a low-level communication medium. We can do much better. In fact, five times better.  

So whenever possible, let's try to communicate with our prospects at one of the higher levels.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
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I hope you guys got what Tom is saying. One of the most important network marketing prospecting technique is learning how to communicate with prospects at higher levels of communication. Thankfully, Tom will have more to share in this area.

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