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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-How to Create Curiosity

If you have been in mlm for any amount of time, I am sure you have discovered that as you talk to your prospects, it sometimes seems like they are not listening. What makes the amateurs different from the pros is that they have learned the network marketing prospecting technique of how to create curiosity when talking to people. They have learned how to use the right words so their audience will lean forward and want to know more.

When it comes to learning what words to say, I  always look to Tom Schreiter. If you listen to what Tom has to say and take action on what you learn, things usually work out quite well!

The following excerpt from the "Big Al Report" has a great tip from Tom about how to create curiosity. Practice what Tom reaches and watch your business grow!

"Curiosity is powerful and hypnotic." by Tom Schreiter

A car salesman is talking to us about the great features of his car, but we are not listening. We are thinking about if we can make the payments, will we have enough money for a holiday, what our brother-in-law will say, and if we will get home in time for our favorite television show.

Salesmen talk. Prospects aren't listening.

Big problem.

When we learn the "25 Skills of Network Marketing" ... one of those skills teaches us how to take an iron grip on the prospects' minds so that they hear the great things we tell them.

You see, we all have great things to say, but our prospects aren't listening.

Here is an easy baby step that we can take to get more prospects to hear the good things we say.

Use curiosity.

Want an example?

"This vitamin does two things to your body that you would never have guessed." (Now the prospect eagerly awaits the answer.)

That was easy, wasn't it?

Want another example?

Ask a university student: "Do you know what your reward is for graduating university?" The student says, "No." (And anxiously awaits your answer.)

You answer: "45 years of hard labor."

Getting prospects to listen is a skill. We can't just go out and do social chit-chat, oral diarrhea, and data dumps on prospects. That doesn't work.

Our job is to learn how to get a specific message heard and internalized by our prospect.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289  USA

Tough words from tom, but so true! Learning the skills to talk to people is probably the most important network marketing technique you have got  to know. If you learn the skills from Tom, you will be just fine.

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