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Network Marketing Tips-How to Sponsor Business Partners

As a rep with a network marketing business, I am always looking for helpful network marketing tips not only for my personal education, but also to share with my team.

One lady who has lots of great mlm business building tips to share if Jackie Ulmer. She is a leader who learned how to sponsor effectively over the internet a number of years ago. She has been gracious enough to share her knowledge with us.

In a recent article I was reading by Jackie, she discussed how to sponsor business partners. In the article, she raised some great questions we as distributors should be asking ourselves as we look to build our downline.

Its good stuff so I thought I'd share it with you!

How to Sponsor Business PartnersBy Jackie Ulmer

As a Network Marketing veteran, I struggled with the issue of how to sponsor partners into my business for years. Have you ever asked that question?

I watched "seasoned professionals", with no more charm, talent or ability, effortlessly sponsor 2, 3 or more a DAY! How did they do it? I finally found the answer, and I want to share it with you.
It really comes down to one simple word - Value.

Value is the worth or importance of a thing. Or, better defined, it is "that quality of a thing that makes it more or less desirable." What value are you offering your potential business partners?
Think about that for a minute. When you sit down with someone, speak with him or her on the phone or send him or her an email, what is the context of what you say? Or, what you don't say? Or how you say it?

We all know that the bottom line is "What's in it for me and can I do this?" Those are the questions you have to answer before you will sponsor a business partner. So, how are you answering those questions?

That's the value that you are offering.

Do you ever say things like "It's easy, anyone can do it." "Just sign up, and I'll do the work for you." "You will be earning ten gazillion dollars in the next 6 months." "Everybody's getting in, including the big hitters from every company."

Or, do you say something like this -

"Joe, as my business partner, here is what you can expect from me. I will provide you with a track to run on. In other words, I will teach you everything I know about this business and how to work it effectively, and I will be right there with you every step of the way. You can count on me. I will make all of the tools I use available to you. This is a simple business, but it may not always seem easy. Together, with a commitment, I know we can move mountains. And, we have the potential to earn a very lucrative income. You have my commitment. Do I have yours?"

Which business partner would you put more faith in? Which person would you rather work with?

Which one gives you more value?

Once I began to offer my potential partners a true sense of value and commitment, the road became less rough. My sponsoring ratio shot up, and before I knew it, I was named a top sponsoring rep in my company.

It isn't because I am more charming, talented or have more ability than any of my peers. It simply has to do with value.

What are you offering your potential business partners? Do you offer value? Are you making it beneficial for them to invest their money, and more importantly, their time with you?

Could YOU sponsor you? Why, or why not?

What is your value as a business partner?

If you will get very clear on that answer, you will join the ranks of the true leaders in Relationship Marketing, which is what it is all about.

Jackie Ulmer, a veteran Home Based Business Owner, has coached and trained thousands of representatives both inside and outside of her sales organization. One of her primary goals is to help others succeed. She can be reached through her web site at:

Didn't Jackie share some very helpful network marketing tips? I thought so. It really all comes down to being yourself and offering value to your customers and potential mlm team members. Ask yourself today, 'What value am I offering" and "Would I want to sponsor myself? When we finally get this, I believe all our business's can grow.

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins

Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

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