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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-The No-Fail Strategy for Achieving Success

I was recently reading Tom Schreiter's "Big Al Report" which was filled with lots of useful network marketing prospecting techniques. One tip Tom shared got me to thinking, "how attractive am I"? No, I'm not talking about physical looks, but about if there is anything about me that would cause prospects to desire to work with me?

You see, in network marketing, most of your prospects first thoughts isn't going to be about the company, how long its been in business, if the company president is a family man, all the magical ingredients in products, etc. If you are sharing stuff like this right away, it will turn off mlm prospects and customers.

They will be thinking about you though. They will be thinking if you can help and teach them. So, I ask this question to you like I asked myself, "how attractive" are you?

Tom had some things to say about this so I encourage you to listen in and then work on becoming a more "attractive" you! When you figure this out, you will become successful and business building will be a lot easier.

What makes you attractive? by Tom Schreiter

* Would you want a motivated or an unmotivated sponsor?

* Would you want a positive or a negative sponsor?

* Would you join a sponsor who made negative comments about others?

* Would you join a sponsor who complained about the company?

* Would you join a sponsor who tried to convince you that every company in our industry is bad except one?

* Would you join a sponsor who talked badly about people?

It's easy to see why some sponsors do well and why some struggle.

Prospects don't want to join a sponsor who criticizes and complains about others. The prospects see this sponsor as having low self-esteem and a low self-image.

So what do prospects really want?

Well, they say they want a system. They want something automatic, where they can push a button, and magical money happens. They want all the work done for them, and they don't want to learn any new skills - while at the same time insisting they be paid big money in their new profession.

That's what prospects say they want.

Leave these prospects alone. Allow them to continue in their fantasy world, joining one breakthrough company or magical system, over and over again.

But what do real prospects want?

They want a sponsor who can help teach them the basic skills of their new profession. They are willing to learn new skills for their new profession.

And if you can teach them some basic skills, they will follow you anywhere. You won't have to beg them to join.

But what do real prospects want? You!

They are looking for a sponsor willing to take them further than they can take themselves. That's why a better "you" makes sponsoring and building easier.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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