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Network Marketing Lead Generation Tools-How to Generate More Traffic Through Blogging

Of the many network marketing lead generation tools which are available today using social media, one of the ones I like the most is blogging. Yes, it does take some time to learn how to set up your blog correctly, how to get back links, how to create thoughtful and interesting content so your readers will keep returning, and how to generate traffic. With all that said, once you have your blog up and running smoothly, it is one of the best ways to brand yourself and to build a know, like, and trust with your readers. The following are tips to help your blog really sparkle!  Learn lots and take action!

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Online Network Marketing Lead Generation Tip #2 - Generate Traffic Through Blogging


Building your own blog as well as interacting with other third party blog websites is a great way to build name awareness, expert credentials and to produce consistent traffic and online network marketing leads. You should use your blog as your central or "hub" website where you keep your thoughts, tips, mentoring and strategies for easy access by your email list and new traffic. Your blog also is linked to all of your lead capture pages and vice versa.
The quality of your own blog is one of the crucial things you'll need to work hard to maintain as part of your online network marketing business. Dedicate time in your calendar following other blogs and commenting on posts as well as updating and releasing new content in your own website. Becoming a presence in the comments sections will help your own follower lists grow as people begin to see your opinions, become aware of your name and link back to your blog. Here's some free advice and general guidelines you should follow when building and maintaining your blog:
1. Sound like an expert in your posts. It's easy. And you can check your information by simply checking against the hundreds of other blogs available on almost any subject on the web.
2. Do not copy other's blog entries. If you're going to do research from others, spend the time to assimilate the information and rewrite it into your own entry. Otherwise, you will get caught and the effects on your brand name will be catastrophic.
3. Try to avoid controversial statements and definitely avoid false claims. Be positive in your messages. If you can't say something nice, don't say it all. If your blogging theme becomes based on negativity, you will get a bad name for yourself, and the kind of traffic you generate will not be the type that converts.
4. Be yourself in your writing. Don't be afraid to be "authentic. " Blogging, even if you're talking about technical subjects, must come from "within. " Your followers will relate better if they see some of your personality.
5. Don't agonize over writing. Just let the words flow, edit the content after letting it sit for a day, and get it out there! It will help the perception of authenticity.
The most productive thing you can with your time is to reach out to other blogs. Send the publishers emails, comment on their postings (in a nice way) and try to start a dialogue with them. Trade links back and forth, offer to let them syndicate or "borrow" your content or postings, become a contributing or guest author, etc. Giving them information makes their jobs easier and you may find it generates significant traffic.
From the beginning, organize your blogs postings and content areas into a logical hierarchy. When you post, use your blog site's tools to apply the appropriate keywords and themes so that your blog is searchable. Otherwise, you will have a mess that will turn off some of your followers.
If you follow the tips above, dedicate time to maintaining your blog, take the time to develop compelling posts, and consistently reach out through other third party blogging sites, then you will see a consistent flow of online network marketing leads generated by blogging. You can set up your own blog with a domain name in really no time at all. It's easy nowadays with a GoDaddy account, a free WordPress blog account and with some personal assistance and tips.

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