Sunday, November 20, 2011

Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success-The Top 10 Ways to Be Unique in Network Marketing

As a rep in mlm, I’m sure you cannot have helped but noticed that there are many network marketing companies out there. The competition can be furious! Some maybe wondering, what network marketing tips for guaranteed success do I need to be utilizing?

There are actually many factors to study in order to be successful in your home based business. Here are some things you can consider following:

1. Make a decision. With network marketing, one of the many ways to be successful is by learning to brand yourself and stand out and way above all the competition. Don’t try to do it all. Instead, learn to be become highly skilled in a very small niche and help others. For instance, maybe you can learn to become an expert in video marketing, Facebook, article writing, etc. There are many ways you could go.

2. Talk/teach in the “colors” language. I am sure you have heard about how everyone has various personality types. Prospects are truly very different. Always think about, for example, what would a green, yellow, blue, or red need or want in a sponsor? Also think, what would your customers of different personalities respond best too?

3. Be aware of the difference between you and others. Think about how you want to be different from other reps and company competitors. Learn to show how you are different and use it to set up a benefit to your prospect.

4. Change your mindset to "family" business. Remember, in network marketing, it is all about the relationships. When you begin to build a team/downline, think of it as "family" and learn to express this to others. You will be in a much better way to serve your team members and customers.

5. Have testimonials. One of the best network marketing tips for guaranteed success you can learn is to become an expert storyteller. Learn to tell stories and gather stories to share; get permission to use people's stories and/or testimonials. Most people love stories and respond to them.

6. Don't be a time waster. In this business, you cannot fire hose prospects, and use hard sales techniques to get people in on your deal. If you try to do things like this, it will only backfire on you. If you learn to become a good listener and learn how to "find out what people want and help them get it" as Harry Browne says, you will be able to build your business.

7. Keep it simple. Any marketing, advertising, or presentations you do should be very simple. People can't stand complexity and confusion. If you present things in a complex way, they will immediately think, "I would never be able to do that."

8. Avoid trying to stand out merely for good quality and fantastic service. Prospects no longer respond to this since everybody says this. Avoid using these as a technique as it has no impact at all. Be yourself and not someone you are not. People will respond to that.

9. Learn some writing skills. One of the most important things you as a rep can learn is how to write fantastic headlines. The headline can actually make or break any type of copy writing you are dong whether it is for articles, blog writing, video marketing, various ad campaigns, etc.

10. Give good reasons why a client, customer, or prospect should choose you. Use this to clearly show the benefit the person would have with working with you.

As you can see, these can be some pretty effective network marketing tips for guaranteed success for you to consider as you work towards becoming a leader. Choose a couple to get started on today, and your home based business can indeed grow over time!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

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