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Network Marketing Lead Generation Tools-How to Use Craig’s List to Generate Free MLM Leads

Most leaders in network marketing have very effective network marketing lead generation tools they use daily to generate free or very low cost mlm leads.

One online mlm lead strategy to consider is advertising on Craig’s List. There are thousands, probably millions of people who visit Craig’s List daily, some of which are likely to be interested in your mlm opportunity, products, or services.

If you as a rep decide to use Craig’s List, the following are 10 tips for you to follow if you would like to get involved in Craig’s list to generate leads.

      Tip #1: Keep in mind that Craig’s List doesn’t like network marketers. Therefore, you will have to be creative in your advertising.

      Tip #2: When marketing on Craig’s List, make sure you have a way to at least capture potential mlm prospects name, email, or phone number. The best way to do this is to have an autoresponder ready to go.

Tip #3:  Before you do any type of marketing on Craig’s List, put together 50 headlines and 50 ads. Headline Creator Pro is a fantastic program that will pump out thousands of potential headlines for you to consider. The best thing about the program too, is that it is not expensive at $27.95.

      Tip #4: When you are ready to begin marketing, have 10-20 ads ready to go.

      Tip #5:    The safest place to post your mlm ads regarding your products, opportunity, or services is in the group section. To, to begin, pick a group in your area and post 2-3 ads per day.

      Tip #6:   To begin posting on Craig’s list, click on your state and then your city or a city close to you. Once done, you can begin to post in groups.

      Tip #7:   Keep track of what you are doing on an excel spreadsheet. Document the headline, ad, and city where posted, and time of day. Do this each day for each ad.

      Tip #8:  When submitting your second ad to Craig’s List, do everything again as outlined in #7.

       Tip #9: Keep in mind that for all of your mlm ads, they will expire at the end of 45 days.  The good news is that you can renew them and then repost. If the ad resulted in no mlm prospects, simply start by changing the headline and then test to see if your results are different.

      Tip #10Test, test, test!  In order to assess your marketing efforts over time, you must test to see if Craig’s List is a marketing method that will work for your mlm business. As mentioned previously, you can do this by changing headlines, ad body, cities and group where posted, times, etc. Only by testing will you be able to accurately to assess if Craig’s List is a network marketing lead generation tool you wish to keep in your arsenal!

Craig’s list could turn out to be a very effective network marketing lead generation tool. Just test and see how it works out for you.

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