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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-Why More Rejection Isn't Good for You

Have you ever heard someone say that this is one of the good network marketing prospecting techniques to use: Go out and get a 100 no's since every no will get you closer to a yes? When you think about, isn't that ridiculous advice? I mean, who would want to face all that rejection?!

The good news is that Tom Schreiter has some advice on why more rejections isn't good for you and how to learn the skills you you as a rep can present your mlm product, opportunity, or service, rejection free!

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Why More Rejection Isn't Good For You by Tom Schreiter

New distributor: "But I contacted 100 people and only one person wanted to come to a presentation. I hate all this rejection!"

Sponsor: "Great! See what is happening? For every 99 times you are rejected, you get one person to come to a presentation. All you need to do is to talk to more people."

If you are the distributor getting all this rejection, you're tired of hearing these rah-rah motivational lessons:

* Every "No" brings you closer to a "Yes."

* Pretend that you are getting paid for every "No."

* They're not rejecting you, they are just rejecting the opportunity.

* Each "No" is just one person closer to a "Yes."

Wouldn't it be easier to learn new skills? New skills that will get more prospects to tell you "Yes"? Wouldn't it be more fun to get 50 people to say "Yes" instead of only one person out of 100?

Instead of working harder, and getting more rejection, let's learn new skills.

Ready to start now?

Several years ago I recorded an interview with telephone networking superstar, Tom Paredes. He shared his awesome contacting skills and his unique three-call technique. Tom seldom gets rejection because of the methods he uses.

Of course you can order these interview CDs, but you can read the transcript of his entire interview at no cost.

This interview is quite long ... really long. You'll love the details of exactly what to say and do.

To read the complete transcript, simply go to: 

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289  USA

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA