Sunday, July 24, 2011

Network Marketing Training Tip-It's What We Say That Makes A Difference

Today's network marketing training tip has to to with learning how to use different phases of words when talking to a man and a woman. Yes, there are different words you can use during your presentation of your business, products, or services that will cause them to lean forward. And yep, the words are different for each sex.

Curious as to what they are? Let's let Tom Schreiter fill us in!

A fellow genius once told me . . . by Tom Schreiter

Okay, okay. Maybe I'm grossly enhancing my cerebral powers, but at least the other guy was a genius.

Here is what this marketing genius said:

To sell a woman anything, simply put these words in front of what you're selling:

1. Sugar-free.
2. One calorie.
3. On sale.

To sell a man anything, simply put this word in front of what you're selling:

1. Turbo.

So I tested his theory. I said to my wife, Susan:

"I think it was on sale."

She replied:

"What? What was on sale? How much? Is it still on sale? Where was it? Do I have enough time to go now?"

Gee, I didn't even say what was on sale. Pretty powerful stuff.

Unfortunately my wife knows all things -- even the "Turbo" technique. So one day she tells me:

"And now it comes in a turbo model."

I reacted:

"What? A turbo model? What kind? How fast? Does it have extra options? Will it be faster than my friend's? How powerful is it?"

So why not position your products and opportunity with these tips in mind? For instance, you could say:

   One calorie super vitamin program.

   Quick start distributor kit now on sale.

   Turbo MLM (Hey, what a great name for a book!)

   Turbo training day.

   Sugar-free munchie bar.

Get the idea? It is what we say that makes a difference.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
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Houston, TX 77289  USA

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Those were some pretty awesome network marketing training tips from Big Al! I think those words phrases will be easy to remember. Take some action and begin to practice them today!

To Your Success,
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