Sunday, July 10, 2011

MLM Tip-Why Its Crucial to Learn the 4 Secret Languages

Today’s mlm tip has to do with skills. As Tom Schreiter always says, to be successful in network marketing, a rep has to have skills. There are three important skills all of us must have in order to build a successful mlm business. They are:

-Skill #1: Learn how to talk to people commercially
-Skill #2: Find somebody to talk to
-Skill #3: Take the volunteers

With these skills, there are a number of specific strategies under each area that are important to master. So, today, we will talk about the four secret languages, which is the most important strategy under skill #1.

This actually is the easiest skill to learn. Even better, we already speak one language perfectly! It’s our native language and we always think and explain things in our language.  The four languages are yellow, blue, red, and green. If you are a yellow like me, you are already an expert in the “yellow” language. But, what about the other mlm prospects and potential customers you may talk to? Do they understand yellow? Blues, does your downline and customers understand you?

The most important mlm tip to remember when building your mlm business is that no matter our color, we always must be “multi-lingual". If not, people won’t “get us” and won’t join our business.

For example, for the yellows, the most important word in their language is “help.”  Yellows love to help others; they absolutely live to help others. As a matter of fact, their entire motivation is to help others!  Yellows love to hear how products help people or how the opportunity can help moms who want to stay at home with their kids.Yellows could care less about the compensation plan, the titles, or recognition.

Here are examples of terrible things to say to yellows when talking to them about your business opportunity:

-You can make a fortune with our company.

-Now is the time to get in on our ground floor opportunity.

-All those other network marketing companies out there are losers.

I think you get the picture. Now, here are excellent things you can say to yellows:

-Our diet cookies help new moms lose all the baby weight quickly.

-Our products help grandma’s have more energy so they can keep up with their active grandkids.

-Our business opportunity will help bring in extra money each week so families can spend more time together.

Notice the difference? I think you get the idea now. So remember, today’s mlm tip is to take the time to learn the four secret languages. There are a number of resources out there which you can use to educate yourself. I have listed them at the bottom of this article.

The more confident and competent we are when talking with others, the more our business can grow!

Michael Dlouhy: "Powerful Networking Secrets"
Jerry Clark: "The Magic of Colors"-
Tom Schreiter: "How to Speak the Secret Language"

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