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MLM System-Why You Should Choose One System and Focus until Your Eyes Cross

If you have been online for any amount of time, I’m sure you have noticed there are many mlm systems out there to use to build your mlm. Some claim you never have to call anyone and the system will do all the work. Others say you will generate lots of mlm business lead using. In turn, this will cause your mlm downline to grow because lots of people will join you in your business. 

Some mlm systems even suggest that you join a number of affiliate programs and promote those while you build your primary mlm business at the same time. It’s called the funded proposal approach. You have probably heard of that one too. 

If you as a rep are currently in a lot of affiliate programs plus working your main mlm business, I have to ask, “How is that working for you?

Author Michael Dlouhy in his mlm ebook, Success in 10 Steps, says this about what he calls ‘multiple streams of outgo.’ In other words, building many programs at the same time in order to generate multiple streams of income:

“The vast majority of network marketers who get convinced of the brilliance of the idea that they need multiple streams of income wind up instead with multiple streams of outgo. Consider all the money-makers you’ve signed up for. Consider all the money you’ve paid for them. And consider the income they bring you right now, this month.”

You see, there is a better way. What is it? To focus until your eyes cross with one network marketing opportunity. Why is this important?

If you as a distributor with a mlm business promote a variety of opportunities, there are a number of things which can happen such as the following:

-You will waste time, energy, and money ever searching for more opportunities to create multiple streams.
-You become so scattered and unfocused that you’re a mile wide and only one inch deep.
-You do your best to promote a variety of unrelated products and services you really don‘t know very well.
-Your market share shrinks
-If you do happen to finally stumble upon a money maker, all of that profit is wasted on other failing ‘streams of income.”

This isn’t good news. This isn’t what many of those mlm systems out there who promote and recommend multiple streams of income will tell you. It is far more effective to get educated, do your research thoroughly, and choose the right mlm opportunity that will be there for your children and your children’s children. This is where your focus should be.

Once again, to quote from Michael Dlouhy’s “Success in 10 Steps” book:

“Given your skills, your knowledge, your time, your resources, and most of all, your results so far, are you better off focusing on one big profit center? Or are you better of shifting through (and spending money promoting) a ton of affiliate programs to find a few that work well?”

This is a question that only you can answer for yourself. Yes, there are many many mlm systems out there. Find the one which will work best for you and then go and build the mlm business of your dreams.

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