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Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success-What Do Prospects Make Their Buying Decisions Based On?

As a rep with a network marketing business, one of the network marketing tips for guaranteed success to learn is what prospects really make their decisions on when it comes to buying. Once you learn this, it will be much easier to teach your downline that most prospects don't make their decision on based on price.

Tom, Big Al, Schretier has a great way of opening up your team member's minds as to what really motivates a prospect. Here is what he has to say:

"My products are too expensive. Nobody wants to pay that much." by Tom Schreiter

Sound familiar? Does this sound like distributor thinking to you?

Distributors believe that prospects make their buying decision based on price. Will it be hard to change their thinking?

Not if we use stories and examples. So let's imagine that I'm a potential leader, but my belief that the products are too expensive is holding me back. You want to change my thinking from:

"The products are too expensive,"
"The products are affordable because prospects really want what they have to offer."

You take note of my distributor thinking and attempt to change my thinking not with alecture, but with the following story:

"Tom, I know you think that the products are too expensive. You could be right. But I think a lot of people buy for convenience, quality, comfort, extra features or prestige. Most people will pay more for products when they can get this extra convenience, quality, comfort, extra features or prestige."

But I reply:

"No. I don't believe you. Prospects buy because of price. They want to save money and will buy the least expensive products they can."

So you tell me:

"Tom, you could be right. Maybe a lot of people go out and buy the least expensive products. I don't know. Let's go and find out, okay?"

You take me outside and we stand on the street corner. You ask me: "Tom, what's the cheapest automobile you can purchase?"

I think for a minute and say:

"A Yugo. That's the least expensive car you can get. It has four wheels and a steering wheel and will get you from Point A to Point B."

And then you say:

"Let's stand on this street corner. Since people buy on price, I'm sure most people will purchase the least expensive automobile that they can get -- a Yugo. I bet we'll see a lot of Yugos drive by. In fact, I think over 50% of the cars that will pass by us will be Yugos."

As we stand on that street corner, what types of automobiles pass us by? Well, first there is a Chevrolet, then a Ford, then a BMW, then a Toyota, then a Dodge, another Ford, a Cadillac, a Lexus, another Ford, a Volkswagen . . . and we don't see a single Yugo!

You turn to me and say:

"Is it possible that people buy automobiles for prestige, comfort or quality -- and not on price? I haven't seen a single Yugo yet. I don't think anybody purchases automobiles just based on price. People want image, comfort, special features, more speed, or prestige. But, hey - I could be wrong. Tell you what, let's go to another street corner. This just could be a bad location."

We walk to another street corner. What do we see?

We see Nissans, Toyotas, Fords, Chevrolets, BMWs, Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs, and not a single Yugo. You turn to me and say:

"Gee, it doesn't look like anybody purchased an automobile based on price. Everybody purchased comfort, color, convenience or prestige. Let's go to another corner and look at some more automobiles."

I say:

"No, no, no - I get the point."

Again, you've changed my thinking. No longer do I believe that prospects purchase solely on price. And did my thinking change from distributor thinking all the way to leadership thinking with this one story or real life adventure?

No. That would be too easy, wouldn't it? But you have changed my thinking at least a little bit. You'll have to tell me more stories or examples over the next few weeks to gradually get my thinking all the way to leadership thinking.

So what's another story to change my thinking about price?

How about the "Pizza Story" to reinforce my thinking? It goes like this:

"Tom, did you ever order pizza? Did you ever feel like just taking it easy and not cooking an evening meal? Did you ever feel like picking up the telephone and ordering a pizza delivered to your home while you watched videos or television?

"Of course you have. Everyone orders pizza on occasion. But is that the most inexpensive way to have a pizza? No way. You're paying for someone else to prepare it and for someone else to deliver it to your home. That's definitely more expensive than preparing and cooking the pizza yourself, and definitely more expensive that purchasing a frozen pizza and cooking it yourself.

"So why do you spend the extra money? Taste? Better quality? Convenience? Comfort? And you probably spent two or three times as much money by not preparing it yourself!"

Whoops! You got me. Even I don't buy on price alone. And now my thinking edges just a bit closer to leadership thinking.

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So, today's network marketing tip for guaranteed success? Begin to think about why your prospects and realize that price is not the sole reason people may not buy from you. Many times, its not the reason at all. Learn from Tom, Art Jonak, Michael Dlouhy, Michael Oliver, and other leaders about what it takes to become successful.

I hope today's tip has helped!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

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