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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques - The One Secret That Makes Prospecting Easy

Today, both online and offline, mlm company reps see many network marketing prospecting techniques to consider to build their business.

Unfortunately, sometimes what is taught makes building a downline and creating customers much harder than it need be. It can be so frustrating that sometimes people just want to quit!

The good news is that there is an easier way. There is one simple secret, if always kept in the forefront of a rep's mind, will make prospecting a joy and not drudgery. Let's discover what it is.

Network Marketing Prospecting - It Doesn't Have to Be This Hard


Why Network Marketing Prospecting Is So Hard
If you can't remember the first time you had a dream in your network marketing business you have seen it in the eyes of new business owners. They see how great this form marketing is and naively run out and blast everyone they see with their new opportunity. But they soon learn the stark reality of building a network marketing business. And that is...
Prospecting is difficult.
Why is this? If this form of marketing has so much power to build wealth why are people so resistant? It is because most prospecting techniques create an atmosphere of resistance. Simply put most business owners try to convince people against their will that they want something. You may not do that. But there are so many in the industry that do, that it puts you at a disadvantage.
Even if you talk to someone who could be interested they will often say 'No'. Why is that? Because they are afraid they will have to mimic what you do. Or they don't want to act like so many network marketers act in order to build a business.
They see the obnoxious behavior. They know the reputation that network marketing has. And they don't want any of it.
How Can We Make Prospecting Easier?
So what is the problem? What is it that drives such negative behavior on the part of MLM business builders? To answer the question let's look outside of the industry.
What is it that makes you want buy? 
  • Do you want to buy when a telemarketer calls you during dinner and simply will not take 'No' for an answer.
  • Is it the hard-selling techniques notorious in the used car industry?
  • Is it in-your-face confrontation by over-zealous salespeople?
Of course not.
Then why do network marketers think these techniques will work for them?
What makes all of us interested in buying? It is when a marketer provides the opportunity for us to purchase what we already want. All of us have needs and desires. We have problems for which we need solutions. When a marketer successfully matches people's needs with the right solution a win-win situation occurs.
Good marketing is not about convincing people to buy against their will. It is about providing an opportunity for them to solve a problem by purchasing a service or product.
The reason prospecting is so difficult is because the network marketing industry - for the most part - does not teach good marketing skills. And this is somewhat understandable. Until recently marketing was very difficult for the average person.
But all of that has changed.
It is now possible for an average person to successfully market to any number of niche groups using free or low cost internet marketing tools. But in order to be successful you can't just put your same old hard-core selling techniques on the internet.
It will kill your business.
Instead use the available tools to market yourself as someone who is willing and able to help people solve their problems. In other words... take all the focus off of yourself. Don't worry at all how you are affected in the transaction. Focus instead on how you can help someone solve their own problems.
This is what successful marketers do. They consider the benefit of their client. They creatively reveal how their client's problems can be solved by a particular product or service. They create an environment wherein people can make a decision to buy what they already want.
When it is your decision that someone buys what you want them to buy you create a potentially hostile situation. But when it is the buyer's decision - and you helped them - you are viewed as a thoughtful consultant that helped solve their problem.
Prospecting in this environment is a whole lot easier.
Tired of buying unresponsive MLM marketing leads just to face rejection once again? Or spending hours tracking down new prospects who really don't want to hear what you have to say?
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I think Greg has got this thing figured out. He understand what network marketing prospecting techniques should truly be all about. If you didn't get it, this sentence says it all:
"When it is your decision that someone buys what you want them to buy you create a potentially hostile situation. But when it is the buyer's decision - and you helped them - you are viewed as a thoughtful consultant that helped solve their problem."

 In other words, find out what people want and help them get it". If you always remember this, you will be just fine building a successful mlm business!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

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