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Network Marketing Training Tip-What To Teach Leaders

Everybody knows that one of the keys to success in network marketing is to have at least 4-5 good leaders on your team. So, today's network marketing tip is about what you need teach leaders so that they can continue to grow and create their own downline effectively.

Tom, Big Al, Schreiter recently came out with some effective mlm teaching tips you can use when working with your leaders. It's very good stuff so I encourage you to take note and then action on what Tom has to say!

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What to Teach Leaders by Tom Schreiter

The best way to get leaders is to grow
them yourself.

Take ordinary people, and teach them the
exact skills to be a leader.

Only one problem. We don't know what to
teach people to be a leader.

Most amateurs think they should teach a
person to:

* Be brave.
* Eye of the tiger.
* Be more positive.
* How to train.
* How to present.
* How to be motivated.

And of course, these are things we
should be teaching to distributors. :)

We can only know exactly what to teach
people to become a leader when we
clearly know the difference between a
great distributor and a leader.

You will learn that difference in the
13-lesson mini-course on leadership. I
hope you started this course from my
last message.

If not, start the course now. It's free.

Go to:

In 48 hours, I'll show you what Skill
#25 does to help us create the success
we want in network marketing. Watch for
the email.


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

P.S. If you are collecting these
messages, that's nice. But if you are
serious about learning these 25 skills
and becoming a successful leader in your
business, the best option is to go to:

and order everything I've done on audio,
etc. so that you can loan the CDs to
your downline to learn.


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