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Network Marketing Lead Generation Tools-The Top 5 Business Generation Tools

Everybody knows that with network marketing, as in any other business, a rep must be able to generate an on-going stream of fresh mlm leads. Everybody says there are many ways to generate leads. The following article will cover the top 5 network marketing lead generation tool you can use to build a nice downline and create a customer base for your products and services.

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The 5 Most Important Business Lead Generation Tools

Business lead generation is like any other task: you need the right tools for the job. If your customers or clients are businesses, here are some of the most important tactics to include in the tools you take to the job.
1. Customer insight. All lead generation starts with knowing your customer. Until you do the research enabling an understanding of the customer's preferences, needs, desires and pain, you will not be able to use other tools effectively or efficiently. This is the basis of segmenting possible audiences and demographics. Do you need to focus your efforts on the end user or on the decision-maker?
2. Internet search. You need to know how people search the internet to find you. You also need to understand where people are in the decision-making process. People at different stages in the sales process use different search terms. In business lead generation you need to direct searches to focused and targeted landing pages so you don't lose prospects because of the wrong message.
3. Establish expertise or thought leadership. Make it very clear that you are an expert and that you know your subject or field. This is very important in business lead generation. The product or service you want to sell to customers must clearly meet their needs or show reliable evidence of ending their pain. This is commonly done with an article marketing strategy and with white papers, special reports, e-books and seminars.
4. Seminars and webinars are a staple of business lead generation marketing. These events attract the attention of potential customers or clients and address their needs. They also demonstrate thought leadership. Finally, they are an outstanding way to begin a conversation or a relationship with a prospective client.
5. Social Media. Today, even business lead generation success requires some presence in the social media. Before you start opening accounts with every social media site, take the time to think about your customer and where you are likely to meet that customer. If you are trying to reach a business client, for example, you are far more likely to find that prospect on LinkedIn than on MySpace.
Other tools you will want to have nearby might include telemarketing, events and trade shows, and direct mail. You will also want to consider the appropriate ad venues for your products or services. No matter what additional tools you use, you will definitely need customer insights, internet search, established thought leadership or expertise, seminars or webinars and social media. You will probably find, as well, that using these tools in combination will be very effective for business lead generation.
If you are a small business owner or professional and want to learn more about business lead generation, you can access five free videos at Topics include how to get on the first page of Google, how to set up a blog for free in under 5 minutes, how to create a video that sells without a camera, an example of three tweaks to the lead generation process that increased profits by 62% and why mobile marketing will soon be bigger than radio, TV, print and internet advertising combined.

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