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Network Marketing Training Tip-Why Grasshoppers Can't Drive

I always like reading Tom, Big Al, Schreiter's network marketing tip. What he talks about is always so true  and it causes me to check in with myself and my business to make sure I'm doing what he recommends.

In his recent "Big AL Report", he wrote an interesting piece called "Why Grasshoppers Can't Drive.". I'm guessing you have no idea what mlm strategy Tom is going to share with this headline! Are you curious?  If so, read on always do what Tom recommends!

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"Why Grasshoppers Can't Drive." by Tom, Big Al, Schreiter

Take one grasshopper and put him in the driver's seat of your car.

Then yell, "Drive!"

What does the grasshopper do? Nothing. This proves that grasshoppers can't hear. Or does it?

That would be the wrong conclusion.

We never taught the grasshopper how to drive. So how could we possibly expect them to perform a driving function? (Okay, their legs are too short also.)

It is the same with our new distributors.

We tell them to, "Set appointments, bring guests, and sponsor new people."

So when they don't follow our "guidance," we jump to the wrong conclusion. We think they are lazy and unmotivated.

But think about our new distributors. They gave up television one night to come to our presentation. They reached in their pockets and invested their hard-earned money. Does this sound like they are lazy and unmotivated people?

Of course not.

They want to work. They want to succeed. But they just don't know exactly what to say and do.

That's our responsibility.

Let's teach our distributors the 25 skills they need to make their businesses work.

Here is a no-cost mini-course on the 25 skills: 

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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

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The Cartoon Coach said...

Hello Monique,
Big Al has some of the best analogies. Thanks for sharing this post. It was right on time for me.