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Network Marketing Training Tip-How to Delay Success

Today's network marketing training tip has to do with how to delay success. Now, if you have your own mm business and are determined to be successful in all that you do no matter the cost, you will now  know what not to do so your success won't be delayed!

This article is from Tom, Big Al, Schreiter, the mentor to thousands. He talks about how he always gets lots of questions from reps on how to build their mlm. You know, things like the best strategy to use, the best way to give presentations, etc. Well, Tom discovered that most fell into one category. And unfortunately, the category is one where you don't want to be!

I hope you take Tom's advice. You don't want to be in the delay group!

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I get a lot of calls asking for network marketing advice- from Tom Schreiter

People ask if they should try a certain strategy, how certain leaders become successful, what type of presentation generates the best results, and what is my advice on their new brochure.
Well many (but not all) fall into one category. They are people who spend time investigating, analyzing, and looking for an easy, cheap way to become an overnight success. They find it easier and safer to stay in a state of continuous investigation to avoid actually doing something to build their business.

My advice to many of these callers: 
"Go out and actually do something. Maybe even make your first prospecting presentation. Even if you make 20 more calls investigating network marketing theories, nothing will happen."
Okay, I'm not very popular with some of these callers, but I do feel I should at least tell them the truth.

What about you?
  • Do you have distributors who do everything except contact prospects?
  • Are they always putting together a new brochure or presentation that will fix all the problems of network marketing?
  • Are they so busy with "busy work" that they don't have time to recruit?
  • Do they spend hours every day sending e-mails back and forth to people they've never met?
  • Do they focus their time pretending to build relationships with the 800 nameless people they've captured in their autoresponder?
What are you going to tell them?

Are you going to say:

"Nice brochure. You're really accomplishing a lot."

Or, are you going to tell them the truth? Will you say:
"Go out and actually do something that will build your business. Make a phone call. Meet a 'live' person. Make a presentation. Sign up a new distributor."
Maybe I should have titled this article, "How to delay success."

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

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