Sunday, February 13, 2011

Network Marketing Advertising-How to Create Powerful Facebook Ads to Explode Your MLM Leads List

Network marketing advertising is something all of should be doing either on or offline. When it comes to online strategies, using Facebook Ads can be highly effective marketing tool to have in your toolkit. When done correctly, you as a rep can have a nice steady stream of fresh mlm leads including mlm local leads. Plus, if you make sure you have a way to ensure prospects become opt-in leads, you can have a way to share how your home-based business’s products, services, and even opportunity can help meet their needs.

Here are four tips to consider when you are ready to use Facebook Ads as a lead generation tool:
-Become familiar with Facebook Ads rules. Keep in mind your ad will be viewed by a real person. Examples of some of their rules include no offensive ads, no incomplete thoughts, no incorrect spelling and grammar, no slander, no hype, etc. If you break the rules, your ad will be removed.
-Know your audience and what they want.

-Always include images. Consider what image prospects will desire to click on to learn more about your multi-level work at home opportunity, products, and/or service. Your image has to be eye-catching and really is like a headline for your ad. Also, keep in mind your image can also be created usig text. This will permit your ad to have more words.

-Use FBML to create a tab. Have your ad link to the tab. If you do this, the cost per click is reduced when potential leads do not have to leave the Facebook site. You can use the tab for a special offer like giving away a free report, a free mlm ebook, a product sample, special review, etc. When you do this and have developed a way to capture people’s names and contact information, you will have developed a way to contact and follow-up with your leads. Plus, you will create a nice mlm leads list!

Facebook Ads can be a powerful network marketing advertising and m marketing tool. Learn what you need to know and get going right away!

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