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Network Marketing UK-Is Buying Leads A Scam?

Whether you are doing network marketing in the UK, United States, Malaysia, or any part of the world, this age old question always seems to come up: should I buy mlm leads?

The number one concern of many distributors who are building a mlm business is finding people to share their opportunity and/or products and services with. In others words, reps desire to have an on-going stream of fresh mlm leads who desire to make money and/or who potentially could become retail customers. The question for many becomes whether it is worth the investment to purchase qualified leads.

As someone with a legitimate home business which is mlm, my opinion is no. While some people may feel buying mlm business leads is a highly targeted marketing method, the truth is paying lead generation companies usually is not worth your time and money.

You see, when you are building your lm Company and desire to have a duplicatable marketing system for your downline, most of them would become highly frustrated because they would only find that a few of the leads would become business partners or customers. Plus, the cost of buying leads list can be quite high. Some of your downline probably would have more success letting their warm market know they are in business and then giving business presentations to those who are interested!

Does buying fresh mlm leads work for some? Sure, but I believe you will be hard put to find anyone who has built full-time income doing this. To build a successful mlm business with a slow and steady rate of people who sign up as customers and business partners, you really need to learn to create your own best mlm leads.

In network marketing today, there are numerous ways to do this. Examples include article marketing, video marketing, using social networking sites like Facebook, running local meet-up groups, etc. The list is practically endless.

MLM requires much work, but the rewards can be tremendous. You can achieve success in time. Save yourself time, frustration, and money by not buying leads. Instead, learn skills you need to have a successful business which should include you learning how to create your own lead generation system. Your pocket book will thank you for it!

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