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Network Marketing Today: How to Make Money Offline with MLM

Today's network marketing training tips has to do with how to brand yourself offline. With the advent of the internet, many distributors nowadays are using the net to grow their business and perhaps are not doing as much to build their mlm business locally.

It is best to look at building your work from home business in a variety of ways. This way, you always will have a steady stream of prospects to introduce you mlm products, services, and opportunities too.

I happened to come across a great article by a lady named Audrey who is building her business successfully both off and online. She shared some of her experiences and ideas which I will know pass on to you.

Let's see what great mlm training tips Audrey has to offer.

How to Make Money Offline With Network Marketing
By Audrey Okaneko

I know in today's world of the internet, many people look to both sell and recruit online. I believe there are a lot of customers and team members to be found offline, by looking locally.

One great way to attract customers locally is through advertising. What means of advertising do local businesses use? Is there a daily newspaper? Is there a weekly newspaper? Our local bowling alley has ads on their score sheets, on their placemats and on their walls.

I very recently signed up a new distributor whose only interest was to sell locally. Prior to ever signing up, she and I brainstormed advertising ideas for her. She owns the local weekly paper in her town and wanted to place her ad for all of her readers to see. Her paper is also networked with papers all across the country. She is looking forward to placing her ad in those offline papers and gaining new customers in as many states as possible.

I've had a license plate frame on my car forever. The frame mentions the company I represent and also has my phone number. Since the company is known nationwide, I don't need anything more than the company name to let others know what I have to offer. I do get calls regularly from people who say, "Do you still sell such and such?"

Very recently our local high school did a fundraiser. They had several vendors come and sell products. There was no fee to the vendor, just an expectation that a small amount of the proceeds would be donated to the school. I gave out tons of catalogs and business cards to local people that day. I've since had orders that were not placed the day of the event.

During the holiday selling season, I always find a few shows to set up at. One particular show is a direct sales boutique. Every vendor there represented a direct sales company. The goal was for each of us to bring our customers to the show. The vendors all sent out notices and we attracted several hundred people to the show. Our flyers had the names of all of the companies represented, so customers knew exactly what to expect when they walked in.

My final suggestion for making money offline in network marketing is to host fundraisers for local organizations. I've had inquiries from private schools, nationally known groups and local chapters or groups. They don't all say yes in the end, but getting my information out there is very important to me. I've done school fundraisers that have turned into thousands of dollars of sales for me. Of course I've also done fundraisers that have been a few hundred dollars. Both times, my name and contact information is getting into the hands of local people.

While I'm a strong supporter of using the internet to market your products and opportunity, I also believe you should take advantage of local offline opportunities also.

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Audrey had a lot of interesting network marketing training tips to share. They kind of remind me what Tom, Big Al, Schreiter teaches. He too, recommends people build their mlm business both on and offline. It can be done if we all learn SKILLS.

So, take time to learn skills and build your business in a different ways. You will have a nice steady stream of mlm business leads and prospects who will become partners if you do so.

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