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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-Why Traditional Techniques Can Many Times Don't Work

Anyone who has been around network marketing for any length knows that there are many network marketing prospecting techniques a rep can use to build a business.

However, most people know that some techniques can be more challenging than others. In fact, for some, they find that nowdays, the traditional prospecting techniques don't work. Why is this? Today's post will cover why and some potential new strategies you can use to build your mlm business.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
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Traditional Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques Like Recruiting Friends and Family Don't Work! By Jason Dennis Stewart

Traditionally, one of the major network marketing prospecting techniques taught to most newcomers to networking marketing by their upline mentors goes something like this: "Talk to everyone you know, don't leave anyone out!.... Your friends and family will appreciate you bringing them this exciting opportunity, and they will want to support you as well as make an income for themselves"....

Sounds great, right? When I first got involved in network marketing way back when, it sounded great to me too. However, I learned from experience that there are some fundamental flaws with that theory. What if you have a very limited size family or social circle? What if, as was my experience, NO ONE in your family or immediate social circle is interested in your opportunity? These types of issues lead to the frustration of many newcomers to the network marketing industry, and ultimately their exit from the industry.

So enough of the problems... Here is the solution. In order to achieve success in network marketing, a person must pay attention to actual marketing techniques. There are network marketing prospecting techniques that will allow you to get your opportunity in front of those that are outside of your social circle. The key to prospecting is to attract people, but remember, people are attracted to leaders, and they follow leaders, not particular companies or opportunities. The more you can establish yourself as a person who demonstrates knowledge and credibility, the more your downline will grow. Here are a few tips in that will assist you in your building your credibility and promoting yourself as a leader.

• Video Marketing - The use of video marketing is a very powerful (and FREE) tool that allows you to build relationships with a large viewing audience. People feel more comfortable with you when they are able to see you, and if you share information that is useful to them, you will be able to quickly establish yourself as someone from whom they will take advice (such as taking a look at a business opportunity!!). Sites like are the perfect way to share your videos for free.

• Blogs and Discussion Boards - Many network marketers use blogs to and discussion boards to talk about their business opportunities as well as the benefits of the products and services that they promote. The blog format allows others to comment on your opportunity and for a "conversation" to take place. Having "conversations" even online, allows you to build relationships with people that may be potential business partners in the future.

• Educate your new downlines - This may be the most important thing to remember. Don't just stop at telling your downlines to "take action" and "stay consistent". Your success depends upon your ability to get those that decide to join your downline up and running (and making a profit) quickly. Having a marketing and prospecting strategy with specific steps that they can duplicate is the key to the growth of your organization and ultimately, to your success.

By Jason-Dennis Stewart.

Get more network marketing prospecting tips and techniques that high - incoming earning network marketers use to build massive organizations. For a limited time, Jason-Dennis Stewart shares techniques that will allow you to grow your business without cold-calling, pleading with friends and family, and without facing rejection. Get your FREE access here! []

Jason-Dennis Stewart


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Tips on Network Marketing-25 MLM Business Building Tips

Building a network marketing business is like any other business. It will take time, skills, and a commitment to "be all in" as Michael Dlouhy says. So, what tips on network marketing should you start off? The following 25 strategies will get you started off just right!

25 Tips To MLM/Network Marketing Business Success By Terry Edwards

Here are 25 tips to success for anyone who is starting their own MLM/Networking Marketing home business. These simple, easy-to-use tips will help you get your business off to a fast start, and put more money in your pocket.

1. When you first get into your network marketing home based business, write out your plans and goals! I'm sure you've heard it said many times before..."Most people never plan to fail, they simply fail to plan". Take the time to write out your plans and goals. Be realistic, but be tough on yourself. Push yourself. One of my favorite quotes is "What your mind can conceive, it can achieve".

2. Get started immediately. Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you start. That will never happen. Jump in and get started.

3. Treat your mlm/network marketing business as a serious, full-time business, and it will quickly become one.

4. Don't focus your attention on trying to sponsor the "big hitter" who tells you that they are going to bring in 120 people. Sure, it would be nice, but don't get caught up in the hype and emotion. It takes a team effort.

5. Know that rejection will happen. Not everyone is going to want what you have. There are some people that you could put a huge pile of Gold in their front yard, and they would still walk right on by it. Or, they simply will not believe it's Gold. Don't get discouraged. There are literally MILLIONS of people wanting what you have.

6. Follow up! This is the single most important factor to your success. You have probably heard that the fortune is in the follow up. People will rarely call you back, but they will join you if you follow up and show them you care about their needs. Call them and ask how things are going...or at least email them. By following up with everyone, you will sponsor new business partners in your network marketing business.

7. Have patience. Big incomes never happen overnight. And this is especially true if you are also working a full-time job somewhere. It may take you a year or two to obtain your income goal and quit your current job. If you knew that you could be doing your home business full-time in only a year from now...would it be worth the wait?

8. Don't give your new reps wild expectations. Let them know what to expect. Always be honest with them.

9. Realize that your mlm business is going to require an investment. Just like a brick and mortar business, your home business is going to require an investment in marketing supplies and tools. Thankfully, network marketing doesn't require you to take out a 2nd mortgage to operate.

10. Don't let anything knock you out of your home based business and cause you to quit. You can only fail in this business if you give up on yourself.

11. Don't mail out samples and materials to a few people and then expect big checks to suddenly appear. Most likely, it will take you a few months to have a steady income coming in.

12. Help the people you sponsor as much as you can. Help them get started. Help them sponsor their first two people by doing 3-way calls with their prospects. Let them know you're there for them and you support them. Teach your new reps the importance of doing the same. That's how you build a team.

13. Don't do things for your reps that they should do themselves. There is a fine line between being helpful, and doing the entire business for them. Understand your downline is going to do what you do. Lead by example. Do all the things that you want your reps to do. Be sure the example you are setting is one that you would want to follow if you were in their shoes.

14. Don't waste time on cynics, or non-motivated people. They will NOT succeed in this business, or any other business for that matter. Trying to drag someone into your business is only going to drain you of all your energy and beat you down. Let them go and move on.

15. Don't whine and complain to your upline every time you have a problem. No one wants to spend time with constant whiners and complainers.

16. Always operate your business in a professional and ethical manner. Don't make false claims about your mlm / network marketing product, or exaggerate your income. Give your prospects the facts and you will build trust. People can be smarter than you think. Most can sniff out if you're being dishonest quickly. Then you have lost your credibility, as well as your prospect.

17. Learn all that you can about your home based business. Stay up to date with everything that is going on. Learn a little about your competitors so that you can answer simple questions about the differences between them. But don't put them to your prospect, no matter how you feel about them.

18. Think BIG! Think big dreams. Set BIG goals. Small thinking producing small results. Live life without putting limits on yourself.

19. Keep in close contact with your new people you sponsor into your network marketing business. Let them know you care and are there to help. Praise your new people who are doing good things. Always at least send an email to them when they sponsor someone new. Let them know they're doing a great job!

20. Always be ENTHUSIASTIC! Smile when you're on the phone. Enjoy yourself and let others feel your enthusiasm for what you're doing. It quickly becomes contagious.

21. When you discover new ways of building your mlm home business, share them with others on your team. Remember...duplication is the key to success in this business.

22. Keep organized with your business. Have a system in place to keep track of those who are testing your product, or thinking about getting started, even if it's just a notebook to write their names in.

23. Listen to tapes, or read books on network marketing and personal development. It will pay BIG dividends as the months go by. Ask any leader in your business about the importance of personal development and they will all tell you the same thing.

24. Don't allow small problems and rejections that arise throw you off and upset you. Think about the positives, and always keep focused on the big picture.

25. Have FUN! People want to be around others who are having fun, be it in everyday life, or your business. Have fun with your home based business. Enjoy yourself, and watch how many others want to be involved in what you're doing.

If you found this information to be helpful you can get more FREE tips and information on home bsuinesses at []

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Article Source:

There are many tips on networking marketing and how to build a successful business to consider. I think starting off with these 25 strategies can help you as a rep take your business to the next level!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success-What Do Prospects Make Their Buying Decisions Based On?

As a rep with a network marketing business, one of the network marketing tips for guaranteed success to learn is what prospects really make their decisions on when it comes to buying. Once you learn this, it will be much easier to teach your downline that most prospects don't make their decision on based on price.

Tom, Big Al, Schretier has a great way of opening up your team member's minds as to what really motivates a prospect. Here is what he has to say:

"My products are too expensive. Nobody wants to pay that much." by Tom Schreiter

Sound familiar? Does this sound like distributor thinking to you?

Distributors believe that prospects make their buying decision based on price. Will it be hard to change their thinking?

Not if we use stories and examples. So let's imagine that I'm a potential leader, but my belief that the products are too expensive is holding me back. You want to change my thinking from:

"The products are too expensive,"
"The products are affordable because prospects really want what they have to offer."

You take note of my distributor thinking and attempt to change my thinking not with alecture, but with the following story:

"Tom, I know you think that the products are too expensive. You could be right. But I think a lot of people buy for convenience, quality, comfort, extra features or prestige. Most people will pay more for products when they can get this extra convenience, quality, comfort, extra features or prestige."

But I reply:

"No. I don't believe you. Prospects buy because of price. They want to save money and will buy the least expensive products they can."

So you tell me:

"Tom, you could be right. Maybe a lot of people go out and buy the least expensive products. I don't know. Let's go and find out, okay?"

You take me outside and we stand on the street corner. You ask me: "Tom, what's the cheapest automobile you can purchase?"

I think for a minute and say:

"A Yugo. That's the least expensive car you can get. It has four wheels and a steering wheel and will get you from Point A to Point B."

And then you say:

"Let's stand on this street corner. Since people buy on price, I'm sure most people will purchase the least expensive automobile that they can get -- a Yugo. I bet we'll see a lot of Yugos drive by. In fact, I think over 50% of the cars that will pass by us will be Yugos."

As we stand on that street corner, what types of automobiles pass us by? Well, first there is a Chevrolet, then a Ford, then a BMW, then a Toyota, then a Dodge, another Ford, a Cadillac, a Lexus, another Ford, a Volkswagen . . . and we don't see a single Yugo!

You turn to me and say:

"Is it possible that people buy automobiles for prestige, comfort or quality -- and not on price? I haven't seen a single Yugo yet. I don't think anybody purchases automobiles just based on price. People want image, comfort, special features, more speed, or prestige. But, hey - I could be wrong. Tell you what, let's go to another street corner. This just could be a bad location."

We walk to another street corner. What do we see?

We see Nissans, Toyotas, Fords, Chevrolets, BMWs, Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs, and not a single Yugo. You turn to me and say:

"Gee, it doesn't look like anybody purchased an automobile based on price. Everybody purchased comfort, color, convenience or prestige. Let's go to another corner and look at some more automobiles."

I say:

"No, no, no - I get the point."

Again, you've changed my thinking. No longer do I believe that prospects purchase solely on price. And did my thinking change from distributor thinking all the way to leadership thinking with this one story or real life adventure?

No. That would be too easy, wouldn't it? But you have changed my thinking at least a little bit. You'll have to tell me more stories or examples over the next few weeks to gradually get my thinking all the way to leadership thinking.

So what's another story to change my thinking about price?

How about the "Pizza Story" to reinforce my thinking? It goes like this:

"Tom, did you ever order pizza? Did you ever feel like just taking it easy and not cooking an evening meal? Did you ever feel like picking up the telephone and ordering a pizza delivered to your home while you watched videos or television?

"Of course you have. Everyone orders pizza on occasion. But is that the most inexpensive way to have a pizza? No way. You're paying for someone else to prepare it and for someone else to deliver it to your home. That's definitely more expensive than preparing and cooking the pizza yourself, and definitely more expensive that purchasing a frozen pizza and cooking it yourself.

"So why do you spend the extra money? Taste? Better quality? Convenience? Comfort? And you probably spent two or three times as much money by not preparing it yourself!"

Whoops! You got me. Even I don't buy on price alone. And now my thinking edges just a bit closer to leadership thinking.

If you really would like to master great skills on changing people's beliefs, order this 4-CD collection:

"How to Manipulate and Control the Minds of Others for Fun and Profit."

You'll love it. Fun to learn, and even more fun to use. Just go to:

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

So, today's network marketing tip for guaranteed success? Begin to think about why your prospects and realize that price is not the sole reason people may not buy from you. Many times, its not the reason at all. Learn from Tom, Art Jonak, Michael Dlouhy, Michael Oliver, and other leaders about what it takes to become successful.

I hope today's tip has helped!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

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Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success-Why Prospects Don't Join

There are many network marketing tips for guaranteed success that mentors teach to help their downline grow their mlm business.

I personally think one of the best things to figure out is why prospects don't join you. If this can be reversed and you are able to help more people see they can get what they want by working with you, your business cannot help but grow.

As it turns out, there is a very simple reason why prospects don't join. I likeTom, Big Al, Schreiter's thoughts on this. Many people ask Tom why prospects won't join them in their business and has this to say about it:

"Why don't all of your prospects join? 

Q. What do all your presentations have in common? 

A. They all offer time freedom and money freedom. 

You will never have a prospect tell you: 

"Oh, I don't want to join because I don't want any of that time freedom or money freedom. I think I'd like more debt, less money, and more time at work." 

Sounds silly, doesn't it? 

Well, if all of your prospects want time freedom and money freedom, and your presentation offers time freedom and money freedom, then why don't all of your prospects join? 

Because they don't have the confidence that they can personally achieve time freedom and money freedom with your opportunity. Sure, you can do it, but they don't think they can do it. 

Now here is the key. When prospects don't have the confidence that they have the skills necessary for our opportunity, here is what most sponsors do: 

They start introducing new benefits. 

They tell the prospect about three-way calls, nice brochures, perfect videos, fancy meetings, car bonuses, and lots of other nice benefits. But they are missing the point. 

The prospect doesn't think he can do it, so it doesn't matter how good the benefits are. 

The solution? 

Instead of talking about more benefits, concentrate on showing your prospect how simple it can be to do your business. Maybe you can give your prospect a "one-minute presentation." 

Give your prospect confidence that he can be successful in your business. That's what is holding your prospect back -- confidence". 

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA 

Hmmm. Pretty simple what Tom has to say. One of the network marketing tips for guaranteed success to learn is to keep things simple when talking to prospects; instill a confidence in them that yes, they CAN do this. Get things complicated and they will run! Always remember this.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

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Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success-3 Practical Tips To Build A Strong Business

Is there a such thing as network marketing tips for guaranteed success to follow? After all, everybody knows that building a successful network marketing business is based on a number of factors like skills, personal development, effective marketing methods, knowing how to relate to various personalities, etc. Still, it is true that there are certain things you should be focusing on that will help you achieve your desired goals for your mlm business. Let's take a look at them.

Network Marketing Tips For Guaranteed Success
By Joe Slade

These are the all around best network marketing tips for success. This check list will not only provide you with a recipe for success with network marketing but success in anything you choose to apply the method to.

I'd say that's pretty powerful stuff eh...?

What many people seem to have trouble grasping is the fact that success it self, be it with business, sports or even academics, has the very same formula. Basically, if you know what it takes to be successful at one thing, you can often apply the very same approach in a different context and duplicate that same kind of success for yourself over and over again.

Network Marketing Tips #1:
This first tip for success is also one of the most difficult to master. Time management may sound like a simple thing, but that's far from the truth of things.

Ask yourself," how do I spend my average day?" How many hours do you spend working, sleeping, eating, traveling between places, etc.? There are only so many hours in a day. If you work 8 hours, and get 8 hours of sleep, you only have 8 more left to do everything else.

The point I hope to make here is that your time is extremely valuable. The average American watches 4 or more hours of television a day. That 4 hours a day, equals a 28 hours a week that could be spent building your success.

Network Marketing Tips #2:
This second tip is nearly as important as the first. Being able to properly budget your finances is a must for any successful business owner. Being aware of how you spend your valuable resources, like your time and your money, will allow you to decide how to use them to your best advantage.
Also when planning to advertise and promote your business or service, preparing a set budget will help motivate you to promote your business as wisely and effectively as possible.

Network Marketing Tips #3:
This third tip is one that keeps on giving. Be sure to a lot both time and finances toward continuing education with your chosen industry niche. Think of this as an investment that will undoubtedly give you a serious return provided you stick to it.
There are possibly dozens of helpful hints to be lain at your feet in hopes that the right combination will guarantee success for you and your business.

However, if you can properly manage your time and you finances as well as maintain the focus to continually increase your business knowledge you will all but have such a guarantee already in hand.

Successfully mastering just these three network marketing tips will require focus, discipline, and dedication. These are characteristics a great majority of successful individuals share. Work hard to develop them within yourself and success is sure to follow.

One would think that a revolutionary information tool like the internet would be the perfect match for network marketing and online business. Why is it then, that so many online entrepreneurs still struggle with the incredible marketing and lead generating potential of the net?

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So, are there network marketing tips for guaranteed success to follow? Sure. I think this article shows that. The most important tip to follow is to be committed and never give up! If you do, you will be well on your to success!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success-The Top 10 Ways to Be Unique in Network Marketing

As a rep in mlm, I’m sure you cannot have helped but noticed that there are many network marketing companies out there. The competition can be furious! Some maybe wondering, what network marketing tips for guaranteed success do I need to be utilizing?

There are actually many factors to study in order to be successful in your home based business. Here are some things you can consider following:

1. Make a decision. With network marketing, one of the many ways to be successful is by learning to brand yourself and stand out and way above all the competition. Don’t try to do it all. Instead, learn to be become highly skilled in a very small niche and help others. For instance, maybe you can learn to become an expert in video marketing, Facebook, article writing, etc. There are many ways you could go.

2. Talk/teach in the “colors” language. I am sure you have heard about how everyone has various personality types. Prospects are truly very different. Always think about, for example, what would a green, yellow, blue, or red need or want in a sponsor? Also think, what would your customers of different personalities respond best too?

3. Be aware of the difference between you and others. Think about how you want to be different from other reps and company competitors. Learn to show how you are different and use it to set up a benefit to your prospect.

4. Change your mindset to "family" business. Remember, in network marketing, it is all about the relationships. When you begin to build a team/downline, think of it as "family" and learn to express this to others. You will be in a much better way to serve your team members and customers.

5. Have testimonials. One of the best network marketing tips for guaranteed success you can learn is to become an expert storyteller. Learn to tell stories and gather stories to share; get permission to use people's stories and/or testimonials. Most people love stories and respond to them.

6. Don't be a time waster. In this business, you cannot fire hose prospects, and use hard sales techniques to get people in on your deal. If you try to do things like this, it will only backfire on you. If you learn to become a good listener and learn how to "find out what people want and help them get it" as Harry Browne says, you will be able to build your business.

7. Keep it simple. Any marketing, advertising, or presentations you do should be very simple. People can't stand complexity and confusion. If you present things in a complex way, they will immediately think, "I would never be able to do that."

8. Avoid trying to stand out merely for good quality and fantastic service. Prospects no longer respond to this since everybody says this. Avoid using these as a technique as it has no impact at all. Be yourself and not someone you are not. People will respond to that.

9. Learn some writing skills. One of the most important things you as a rep can learn is how to write fantastic headlines. The headline can actually make or break any type of copy writing you are dong whether it is for articles, blog writing, video marketing, various ad campaigns, etc.

10. Give good reasons why a client, customer, or prospect should choose you. Use this to clearly show the benefit the person would have with working with you.

As you can see, these can be some pretty effective network marketing tips for guaranteed success for you to consider as you work towards becoming a leader. Choose a couple to get started on today, and your home based business can indeed grow over time!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Network Marketing Tips-The Truth About Network Marketing "Spillover"

Out of the many network marketing tips that are discussed  in the network marketing profession, I am sure you as a rep have heard about how some companies promise "spillover" when you join them. They promote this a great thing for you and your downline. To the novice, it does sound pretty exciting? I mean, all you have to do is a little bit of work and then suddenly, people will just "spill" over into your team because how things are set up. The question is this: does this really work and what kind of mindset will it promote? Is it something you would want for yourself and your business?

I was just reading an article my one of my mentors, Mr. Michael Dlouhy. He talked about "spillover" and considers it not true; a myth. Here is why.

The Network Marketing "Spillover" Myth

A caller recently told me he's joining an MLM company because they promised him spillover. I said, "They are lying to you!"
The guy called me back later and said, "I point-blank asked them if I'd get people put underneath me, and the guy said, 'Well, we can't guarantee that.'"
Spillover - Creating a Welfare Mentality
Good people want training, not welfare. They want to build it themselves. They just want to learn the skills they need to build their network marketing business and create residual income, money that's coming in week after week, year after year, and they can will it to their children's children.
When you look at a lot of network marketing websites, you often see that word "spillover." The proposition, more or less, is, "get in now, today, and you'll get all this spillover."
In 27 years, I have never, ever, ever seen anybody get spillover, having somebody build it for them.
And if you look closely at the compensation plans of the companies that promote spillover, you'll find out that those who get spillover usually don't get paid on it. There are other hoops to jump through to get paid on that spillover, and these people rarely ever qualify.
So it's the person who actually does the work who gets the pay ... what a novel idea!
Companies & reps use "spillover" as a tool to drag in people who think they can build a business without doing any work. In other words, no sponsoring, no recruiting. It targets that type of person.
When You Say "Spillover", You Are Targeting Quitters!
When you see a network marketing company that promotes spillover for their home business, they're looking for welfare-minded people. The problem for you is, you can't build with these people, unless YOU do all the work! That's what they expect. And when you don't build their business, they'll be off somewhere else, looking for a better welfare plan.
So really, when you or your company promote spillover, you are targeting people who will not be with you long-term. And in network marketing, that makes absolutely no sense. The failure rate will be 100%.
And Here's Why The Leads You Buy Tell You To Go Pound Sand!
The quickest way to build a huge list is to offer the moon and require nothing (no money, no work, no purchase) in return. You'll see companies promoting "we've signed up more people faster than anybody else in the history of network marketing." Problem is, there's nobody ordering any product. It's just a bunch of names on a list ... but now they can call these people "network marketers."
Then they turn around and sell this huge database of worthless names (an "MLM geneology list") For $10,000 each to 10 different list brokers. BAM! That's $100,000 profit! And then the list brokers sell these "leads" to all the people in network marketing who want to build their business ... including YOU!
So you pay $2-$3 a lead for these people, you call them up, and they tell you, "Hey! You're nuts! I've never been in network marketing!" They don't even know what it is. They just opted in to some pie-in-the-sky list, hoping to get something for nothing.
Conclusion? Run like heck from any company focused on "spillover" ... and ALWAYS generate your own leads.
Visit long-time network marketer Michael Dlouhy at Michael will be your coach, mentor, and ally. He trains anyone in any company to build a large, profitable, high-retention organization, easily & consistently, thru education & teamwork.
I have to agree with Michael. I would stay away from any company that promotes "spillover". It's just so much better to learn the skills and generate your own leads. I think this is really one of the best network marketing tips you can follow.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps.

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Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-Six Easy Tips To Get More Prospects

As a rep, there are many network marketing prospecting techniques you can use to build your home based business.

I was just reading an article by Tom, Big Al, Schreiter about network marketing prospecting. Tom was recommending six specific areas for reps to become more skilled at. He stated that if distributors become a simple 10% better in the six areas, the difference it would make in our business would be significant.

It was great stuff so I thought I'd share it with you. So, here you go, six easy network marketing prospecting techniques to get just a little bit better at.

Six Things You Can Do Now To Get More Prospects by Tom Schreiter

If you just got 10% better in each of these six areas, the compounding effect would make you almost twice as effective in your business.

And getting 10% better isn't hard. It just takes a little bit of effort to improve.

1. What you say. Words make a difference. Most distributors are unable to write down word-for-word their opening sentence. Or, they are unable to write down word-for-word their best one-sentence close. Learning exactly what to say will make a huge difference.

2. When you say it. In my leadership training, we show people the importance of timing. One example: how one person's timing changes back and forth many times a day. Think about it. Say the right thing, but if the timing for that person is all wrong, it's a formula for disaster.

3. Where you say it. This is where "positioning" can make a difference. While this isn't nearly as important as the first two factors, why not put every advantage on your side?

4. How you say it. Tonality allows us to say even the cruelest truths, and prospects will accept it without prejudice. The tone of our voice makes a huge difference.

5. Why you say it. Your prospect picks up your "intentions" with sophisticated programs in their subconscious minds. Texans have a way of describing this by saying: "Dogs know who to bite." People can smell insecurity, insincerity, and desperation.

6. Who you say it to. While we shouldn't prejudge prospects, some prospects are farther along in their self-development than others. So if you have a choice, why not talk to prospects who have already overcome some of the self-imposed limitations we all create within ourselves?

Prospecting is the lifeblood of our business. Failing to learn this skill will punish us the rest of our careers.

You can't buy prospecting skills by purchasing leads (names of strangers), you can't log into prospecting skills (that "automatic, do everything" web site), you can't blog about prospecting ... you just have to learn the actual skills of prospecting by talking to "live" people.

Want to learn more prospecting skills? Want to be a serious networker?

Learn what the pros know about prospecting at:

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Wow. I think Tom has nailed it here. When it comes to these 6 specific network marketing prospecting techniques, its going to take time, commitment, and practice. The great news is that becoming even 10% better will make a big difference. Imagine if you became 15, 20, or even 50% better?!

Why not take some time to learn these skills today! To learn more network marketing prospecting techniques, visit

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques - The One Secret That Makes Prospecting Easy

Today, both online and offline, mlm company reps see many network marketing prospecting techniques to consider to build their business.

Unfortunately, sometimes what is taught makes building a downline and creating customers much harder than it need be. It can be so frustrating that sometimes people just want to quit!

The good news is that there is an easier way. There is one simple secret, if always kept in the forefront of a rep's mind, will make prospecting a joy and not drudgery. Let's discover what it is.

Network Marketing Prospecting - It Doesn't Have to Be This Hard


Why Network Marketing Prospecting Is So Hard
If you can't remember the first time you had a dream in your network marketing business you have seen it in the eyes of new business owners. They see how great this form marketing is and naively run out and blast everyone they see with their new opportunity. But they soon learn the stark reality of building a network marketing business. And that is...
Prospecting is difficult.
Why is this? If this form of marketing has so much power to build wealth why are people so resistant? It is because most prospecting techniques create an atmosphere of resistance. Simply put most business owners try to convince people against their will that they want something. You may not do that. But there are so many in the industry that do, that it puts you at a disadvantage.
Even if you talk to someone who could be interested they will often say 'No'. Why is that? Because they are afraid they will have to mimic what you do. Or they don't want to act like so many network marketers act in order to build a business.
They see the obnoxious behavior. They know the reputation that network marketing has. And they don't want any of it.
How Can We Make Prospecting Easier?
So what is the problem? What is it that drives such negative behavior on the part of MLM business builders? To answer the question let's look outside of the industry.
What is it that makes you want buy? 
  • Do you want to buy when a telemarketer calls you during dinner and simply will not take 'No' for an answer.
  • Is it the hard-selling techniques notorious in the used car industry?
  • Is it in-your-face confrontation by over-zealous salespeople?
Of course not.
Then why do network marketers think these techniques will work for them?
What makes all of us interested in buying? It is when a marketer provides the opportunity for us to purchase what we already want. All of us have needs and desires. We have problems for which we need solutions. When a marketer successfully matches people's needs with the right solution a win-win situation occurs.
Good marketing is not about convincing people to buy against their will. It is about providing an opportunity for them to solve a problem by purchasing a service or product.
The reason prospecting is so difficult is because the network marketing industry - for the most part - does not teach good marketing skills. And this is somewhat understandable. Until recently marketing was very difficult for the average person.
But all of that has changed.
It is now possible for an average person to successfully market to any number of niche groups using free or low cost internet marketing tools. But in order to be successful you can't just put your same old hard-core selling techniques on the internet.
It will kill your business.
Instead use the available tools to market yourself as someone who is willing and able to help people solve their problems. In other words... take all the focus off of yourself. Don't worry at all how you are affected in the transaction. Focus instead on how you can help someone solve their own problems.
This is what successful marketers do. They consider the benefit of their client. They creatively reveal how their client's problems can be solved by a particular product or service. They create an environment wherein people can make a decision to buy what they already want.
When it is your decision that someone buys what you want them to buy you create a potentially hostile situation. But when it is the buyer's decision - and you helped them - you are viewed as a thoughtful consultant that helped solve their problem.
Prospecting in this environment is a whole lot easier.
Tired of buying unresponsive MLM marketing leads just to face rejection once again? Or spending hours tracking down new prospects who really don't want to hear what you have to say?
Learn how to attract only interested Network Marketing leads to you at very little cost and say "goodbye" to rejection forever.
Article Source:

I think Greg has got this thing figured out. He understand what network marketing prospecting techniques should truly be all about. If you didn't get it, this sentence says it all:
"When it is your decision that someone buys what you want them to buy you create a potentially hostile situation. But when it is the buyer's decision - and you helped them - you are viewed as a thoughtful consultant that helped solve their problem."

 In other words, find out what people want and help them get it". If you always remember this, you will be just fine building a successful mlm business!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy which teaches you how to build a successful mlm business in 10 easy steps.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The power of the will is not valued as it should be. Let the will be rightly directed and it will impart energy to entire being. E.G. White

Monday, October 24, 2011

Multi Level Marketing Companies-Your Questions Answered

In many multi level marketing companies today, reps are failing and struggling. Everybody knows the failure rate in multi-level marketing companies is about 97%. Most people, spend lots of time, energy, and effort buidling their network marketing business opportunity. However, only some achieve success. The question is, why is this? in this video, you will learn about a free resource that will answer your questions and help end years of failure and frustration. If you take the time to actually do what is recommended, you will find that you will  likely achieve much more success in your multi level marketing company.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy which will get your questions answered:


Friday, October 21, 2011

If you have an online business and desire to create unstoppable traffic, visit this link by Mike Sherratt

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Network Marketing Lead Generation Tools - How to Use Content Management and Social Media for Free MLM Leads

There are many network marketing lead generation tools you as a rep can use to grow your mlm business. There are two things that many leaders in network marketing are doing very successfully to grow their business: using content management and social media. The great thing about this is that most of the time, it can be done for free or at a very low cost to fit your budget.
If you desire to generate free mlm leads online, here are the top 6 things to do to create customers and grow your downline.
1. Have a blog. Yep, you gotta learn how to put your thoughts on paper and having a mlm blog is the best way to do this.
2. Research topics for your blog. Decide what keywords you desire to use and make sure there are enough people researching it each day, at least 100 searches. A good tool I recommend to purchase if Market Samauri. It has multiple functions and is a fantastic resource if you are looking to build your mlm business using some online methods.
3. If you are unsure what to write about, get ideas from what other people write about over at or forums about work from home, mlm, etc. Read through what people are talking about and needing assistance with in your niche. Then, give them what they need by providing get content on your blog.
4. Write a 500 word article and post it to your blog. Once you have it done and publish it, then post the link to main traffic sites such as, Facebook, and Twitter.
5. Rewrite a second blog post and link it to the first article you wrote. Then, publish it on "Better Networker",, and "Blog Interact". Also, post it to the top 5 article sites such as
6. When you post your blog link on Facebook, here are a couple of tips to follow in order to generate a "viral" effect. Share your content with Facebook "tribes". Many times tribes have a lot of traffic. When posting to tribes in your niche, make sure you vary the first sentence each time you make a post.
Also, leverage active Facebook groups in your niche. Target groups that are lively and where there is lots of interaction going on. Not only can you post your blog links, but also other content you feel the group would appreciate. Content can be things like videos you have learned a lot from, special free trainings you may have run across, thoughts of encouragement, etc. You will know what people want by being participating in the group and interacting with them.
7. Follow the outline here on a daily basis. It may seem like a lot. If so, perhaps only start off with writing two blog posts a week following the guidelines here and then slowly do more. In the end, it will help your mlm business grow.
Content management and social media marketing are very powerful network marketing lead generation tools. If you learn how to use them well, you will develop a nice stream of qualified mlm prospects and potential customers

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter which teaches you more skills to become a great leader!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liked this article by Mike Sherratt-"3 Simple Steps to get on Google's 1st Page"

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Network Marketing Lead Generation Tools-How to Use Craig’s List to Generate Free MLM Leads

Most leaders in network marketing have very effective network marketing lead generation tools they use daily to generate free or very low cost mlm leads.

One online mlm lead strategy to consider is advertising on Craig’s List. There are thousands, probably millions of people who visit Craig’s List daily, some of which are likely to be interested in your mlm opportunity, products, or services.

If you as a rep decide to use Craig’s List, the following are 10 tips for you to follow if you would like to get involved in Craig’s list to generate leads.

      Tip #1: Keep in mind that Craig’s List doesn’t like network marketers. Therefore, you will have to be creative in your advertising.

      Tip #2: When marketing on Craig’s List, make sure you have a way to at least capture potential mlm prospects name, email, or phone number. The best way to do this is to have an autoresponder ready to go.

Tip #3:  Before you do any type of marketing on Craig’s List, put together 50 headlines and 50 ads. Headline Creator Pro is a fantastic program that will pump out thousands of potential headlines for you to consider. The best thing about the program too, is that it is not expensive at $27.95.

      Tip #4: When you are ready to begin marketing, have 10-20 ads ready to go.

      Tip #5:    The safest place to post your mlm ads regarding your products, opportunity, or services is in the group section. To, to begin, pick a group in your area and post 2-3 ads per day.

      Tip #6:   To begin posting on Craig’s list, click on your state and then your city or a city close to you. Once done, you can begin to post in groups.

      Tip #7:   Keep track of what you are doing on an excel spreadsheet. Document the headline, ad, and city where posted, and time of day. Do this each day for each ad.

      Tip #8:  When submitting your second ad to Craig’s List, do everything again as outlined in #7.

       Tip #9: Keep in mind that for all of your mlm ads, they will expire at the end of 45 days.  The good news is that you can renew them and then repost. If the ad resulted in no mlm prospects, simply start by changing the headline and then test to see if your results are different.

      Tip #10Test, test, test!  In order to assess your marketing efforts over time, you must test to see if Craig’s List is a marketing method that will work for your mlm business. As mentioned previously, you can do this by changing headlines, ad body, cities and group where posted, times, etc. Only by testing will you be able to accurately to assess if Craig’s List is a network marketing lead generation tool you wish to keep in your arsenal!

Craig’s list could turn out to be a very effective network marketing lead generation tool. Just test and see how it works out for you.

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be a Mentor with A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter which teaches you more skills to become a great leader!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques-Why More Rejection Isn't Good for You

Have you ever heard someone say that this is one of the good network marketing prospecting techniques to use: Go out and get a 100 no's since every no will get you closer to a yes? When you think about, isn't that ridiculous advice? I mean, who would want to face all that rejection?!

The good news is that Tom Schreiter has some advice on why more rejections isn't good for you and how to learn the skills you you as a rep can present your mlm product, opportunity, or service, rejection free!

To Your Success,
Monique Hawkins
Be A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

P.S. Click here to download Success in 10 Steps. The ebook recommended by Tom Schreiter which teaches you more skills to become a great leader!

Why More Rejection Isn't Good For You by Tom Schreiter

New distributor: "But I contacted 100 people and only one person wanted to come to a presentation. I hate all this rejection!"

Sponsor: "Great! See what is happening? For every 99 times you are rejected, you get one person to come to a presentation. All you need to do is to talk to more people."

If you are the distributor getting all this rejection, you're tired of hearing these rah-rah motivational lessons:

* Every "No" brings you closer to a "Yes."

* Pretend that you are getting paid for every "No."

* They're not rejecting you, they are just rejecting the opportunity.

* Each "No" is just one person closer to a "Yes."

Wouldn't it be easier to learn new skills? New skills that will get more prospects to tell you "Yes"? Wouldn't it be more fun to get 50 people to say "Yes" instead of only one person out of 100?

Instead of working harder, and getting more rejection, let's learn new skills.

Ready to start now?

Several years ago I recorded an interview with telephone networking superstar, Tom Paredes. He shared his awesome contacting skills and his unique three-call technique. Tom seldom gets rejection because of the methods he uses.

Of course you can order these interview CDs, but you can read the transcript of his entire interview at no cost.

This interview is quite long ... really long. You'll love the details of exactly what to say and do.

To read the complete transcript, simply go to: 

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289  USA

PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA