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Network Marketing List-How to Use You the Tube Bounce back to Grow Your MLM Leads List and Business

If you are a network marketer who is building your mlm business online and desire to generate quality mlm leads and fresh mlm leads, most people know that video marketing is a great tool to use.

Why do most people, meaning marketers, say this? How can video marketing not only generate mlm leads but some of the best mlm leads?

Well, according to Forrester Research, which is a leading source of business intelligence and research on the web, a report done in 2009 states that “on the keywords for which Google offers video results, any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index.”

I hope you caught the significance of this statement. This means for you as a network marketer looking to build your business online, it is much easier to get a first page ranking by Google by “sneaking” into their back door by posting optimized videos on You Tube and other video sharing sties than it is to optimize a blog of static page on a website.

This is great news as everybody knows it’s better to generate your own targeted mlm leads than to buy mlm leads even if they are cheap mlm leads. Video marketing will do this for you.
Now that you understand why everybody (marketers) says that video marketing is the way to go, if you are like most people, you likely want to know how to use videos to create opt-in mlm leads.

This is where the “You Tube Bounceback” comes into play. This simply means you bounce the people or leads back from your videos into your sales funnel.

The sales funnel for most of us in mlm might be a blog, Squidoo lens, Hubpage, etc. about the mlm company, products, and/or services. This also means that for every video you post to You Tube, you should have a clear “call to action” message to guide your mlm network marketing leads to your funnel. The call of action could be a number of things such as signing up for a free weekly newsletter, giving away a free ebook, offering a free report about the benefits of a home-based business opportunity, giving away free pamphlets about your products or services, ets. All of these are ways to build a list of fresh mlm leads. After all, everybody says the best m lm leads are the one you create yourself.

Now that you know what the “You Tube Bounceback” is, how to leverage it, and how it can help you create targeted mlm leads which a great targeted mlm leads list, here are a couple of things to be sure to do when creating your video campaign:

1. Figure out what your video message will be. It should be something t hat network marketers really want to know about. Topics like how to get fst mlm leads, qualified mlm leads, strategies for effective lead generation would be of interest to most reps.

2. Complete a video cheat sheet about what your video topic will be, outline what you will say, and create a powerful call to action.

3. Optimize your video by doing the following:

-Have the primary keyword phrase in the title
-Have the primary and secondary keywords in the description
-Have the primary and secondary keywords in the “tag”
-Encourage people to comment on the video
-Encourage people to favorite your video
-Drive as many viewers to your videos as possible
-Encourage people to leave “Like” or “thumbs up” for your video
-Link videos from external sites and blogs with the primary keyword phrase in the anchor text

Everybody knows video marketing can be a fantastic way to gather free mlm business leads and is a great mlm lead generation tool if a rep has a powerful call to action. Everybody says when done right, video campaigns can help a distributor grow their mlm business. So take action and begin to create your video campaigns now!

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