Sunday, October 17, 2010

Network Marketing Today-How to Work Yourself Out of a Job

The goal of most reps in network marketing today is to build a big organization so that one day they can retire. However, in a recent training call with Jordan Adler and Art Jonak, it was discussed how for some leaders, the opposite occurs. In other words, leaders end up working 80 plus hours per week with their downline instead of enjoying enjoying time and freedom.

Jordan Adler said that a leader's job in mlm is to replace themself. The more a rep is able to train their replacements, the more valuable the leader will become in their company and organization.

The key, Jordan and Art said, was to keep focused with the end goal in mind What is the end goal? It is to work yourself out of a job. This means that initially, a leader in a mlm company will spend time working with their new recruits doing things such as having duplicatable systems for them to follow, teaching then the philosphohy of mlm, teaching skills, etc.

In addition, while a leader will also make sure their teams are aware of the resources and point them to them, they are careful not do the work for reps and create dependency. The end will be that partners on their teams will not need them as much anymore over time.

All of these steps can be accomplished by letting go of a need to oversee and control the downline and group. Instead a leader can focus on training their people who in turn will train their people. This equals lots of people doing a little bit. This is how you as a leader can end up with a large organization so that you can live a life of success you have been dreaming about!