Sunday, September 12, 2010

Network Marketing Training Tips- Two Easy MLM Training Tips from Big Al

If you have been following by blog for awhile, you probably know how much I admire Tom, Big Al, Schreiter. In his recent "Big Al Report", I liked two simple network marketing training tips he shared. They are so easy you can implement them right away.

So, take notes and enjoy Big Al's training tips!

How far should you go to help?

At the MasterMind V event in Houston last year, Jordan Adler shared this tip.
A new distributor may ask you, "Please jump on a plane and come to my city to do a meeting. I can have 100 people there."

We all know what happens. Sometimes the over-enthusiastic new distributor has over-estimated the attendance. Sometimes almost no one shows up.

But we can't just say "No" to the request. So how can we estimate how successful our trip will be?
Jordan recommended this. He would tell the new distributor:
"Let's do a teleconference with your prospects first. And then I will come and do an opportunity meeting."
If the request was legitimate, the teleconference would be well-attended. And if the new distributor over-estimated the local enthusiasm, the teleconference would show that very few real prospects exist.

If the new distributor can't get 20 or 30 people on the teleconference call, what are the chances that 100 people would drive and show up for an opportunity meeting?

What a great way of servicing the new distributor's request, while avoiding unproductive trips to faraway places.


Powerful questions to improve your business skills!!!
* How do you feel about retiring after age 65?
* Would you like to do something different in life?
* Life's not forever. What would you really like to do?
* How many more days can you put up with commuting?
* Would it be okay if you never had to go to work again?
* Do you get to choose the days you want to work?
* How does a five-day weekend sound to you?
* What will you do if you don't join?
* What would you like to do next?

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