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Network Marketing Tips -"Nobody listens to me" and other pathetic excuses

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I love the network marketing training tips Tom, Big Al, Schreiter has to say in this article from his "Big Al Report" newsletter. Truly, as those in mlm, we have NO excuse if we are not as successful as we desire to be. With the right skills, mindset, motivation, and mlm company, ALL can be successful.

Read it and forever lay aside any more excuses your mind will come up with!

"Nobody listens to me" and other pathetic excuses

I was in Brooklyn, NY for Father's Day. A man came to the training.

He was from Africa. He only spoke French.

And he was building his business in New York City.

Think about it. How hard would that be?

And yet a person who has lived in America all his life will say:

"I can't build my business. Nobody listens to me."

And for the young man from Africa, consider this:

Nobody can listen to him. They don't understand him.

But, he is building while our American distributor is complaining.

So is it the circumstances that hold us back? Or is it how we choose to think about our circumstances?

The young man from Africa has chosen to build his business even if circumstances are less than ideal. Our American distributor is looking for someone to solve his problems. He refuses to even try unless someone else makes sure no problems will be in his way.

I see distributors with no cars, distributors building while a war is dividing their country and distributors who travel thousands of miles to learn the skills to make their dreams come true.

Bottom line?

It is easier to find someone with desire and teach them the skills, than to find someone with skills and teach them desire.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter
Fortune Network Publishing
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PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

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