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Network Marketing Tips - The Ultimate MLM Network Marketing Lead Building Secrets

All of we reps in network marketing need to have an on-going list of fresh mlm network marketing leads to talk. In other words,we need to have an ever expanding mlm business leads list.

I like what Chris has to say about this. Since I am doing some of the same things, I thought I'd share this with you!

Uncover These Dynamite MLM Network Marketing Lead Secrets and Become a Lead Master Overnight

By Chris Hopkins

Statistics show that 97% of people who have a go at MLM fail, earning less that $10 a week and the key reason for this is a lack of fresh daily leads. Fresh leads are the backbone of any MLM business and if you're not capturing at least 15 - 20 leads a day you're on a fast track to MLM failure.

Research conducted by Brian Finale, part owner of one of the most successful MLM lead generation systems online, shows that for every 100 people that take a look at your MLM company on average only 2 or 3 will join and I have to admit my own lead conversion Figures confirm those numbers. For people already struggling in MLM this may seem like an impossible proposition but don't panic just yet because I'm going to tell you exactly how you can do it.

Here's how I find and attract new MLM network marketing leads into my business every day. Follow this strategy and you could easily be generating in excess of 30 a day within the next month.

I specifically target people already in MLM or people considering information about MLM opportunities. These people are easy to find and you can connect with them through Twitter, the social networks, MLM and network marketing forums, through video marketing and article writing. But I don't just do this randomly, I combine these strategies in a way that provides massive buzz around everything I do. Here's the strategy.

First of all I create some important, valuable content that MLM marketers may be interested in and post it to my blog. Each time I upload a blog it creates a search engine listing for that keyword topic meaning that my content can now be found.

Next I take that very same content and publish it to 100's of article directories. To do this I use an automatic article submitter to syndicate this content across 100's of free online article directories I always create a backlink to the original content on my blog when submitting.

Next I make a video post about my blog post, once again including a link to the blog post and post it to YouTube and a host of other video sites. Not only does this provide another way to seek out and direct MLM network marketing lead traffic to my blog, it also creates high value backlinks helping my content get pushed further up the search engines. This is going to get people clicking on my search engine links and visiting my blog.

The next step is to use Twitter updates and social network status updates to send my content viral.I do this by creating a twitter tweet using my blog headline and a link and posting at least 5 times throughout the day. This also gets my content noticed and gets people clicking to visit my blog. As an added extra other twitter users will regularly retweet my post to their followers giving me even more traffic.

This strategy of offering extreme value and marketing it using all of the free avenues available online attracts 1000's of visitors to my blog every month Here's why. When individuals arrive at my blog and read the valuable content this begins the relationship building process and develops trust making people more open to subscribing to my lead list through the various offers I present at the end of my blog posts and throughout my blog in general.

MLM network marketing lead generation is easy if you know what your doing. If you'd like to learn more about MLM network marketing lead generation fill in the form in the top right corner of my blog and get instant access to my free 8 day MLM Traffic Explosion Video Training Series. I will walk you through everything I do, step by step.

To learn more about MLM network marketing lead generation get instant access to my free 8 day MLM Video Training Series

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These are great lead generation tips! Begin to use them today!

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MLM Marketing Business-What Causes Overnight Sucess?

$100 Laptop prototypeImage via Wikipedia
Have you ever started a job or gone into a new profession without being trained? Did you go down to your local discount store and order a kit to be a lawyer, a doctor, or an engineer? Of course not - to enter those professions, you need specialized knowledge.

What about when you started a job? Did you just walk in off the street and tell them you knew all there was to know about the job and no training would be necessary? I don't think so. According to most Fortune 500 companies, it takes 6 months of being on the job before the company starts to make any money from an employee. Did you read that closely ñ 6 months?

Now why is it that people who join a program to earn extra inc0me from home give up in less than 90 days? Could they be missing an important point in life? If just learning a job takes around 6 months to be good at it, then maybe you can start to see why things haven't worked out for you in the past. In fact, Jennifer Wideman learned this from Success In Ten Steps. To read her story, go to:

If you are ready to sign up for some Basic Training and start you way down the path to reaching your dreams, then give me a call at 540-858-2885.

To Your Success,

Monique Hawkins
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