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MLM Business Leads-This #!*@! business doesn't work!!!

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If you are a rep in a network marketing opportunity, direct sales, etc., you may very well be struggling with this thoughta; This #!*@! business doesn't work!!!

Well, I'm here to say it does work! Perhaps there are a few things you may be overlooking. Let's let Tom, Big Al, Schreiter help us figure out what we need to do to become more successful.

My new distributor was complaining: "This #!*@! business doesn't work!!!"

And my new distributor was right. The business doesn't work.
So I had to tell the new distributor a story.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
You look for the best car for you, and you purchase the car.
Then, you never learned how to drive your car.
You never take driving lessons, you never go out driving with your parents, you never read the owner's manual.

You don't know what the pedals are like on the floor or where to put the key into the ignition.
You only made a few attempts at "trial and error" . . . you yelled at your car and said,
"Drive! Drive!"
And your car didn't drive itself.
So now you looked for a network marketing business that is good for you.
You purchased the business and joined.

But you never learned how to make your business work.
You only made a few attempts at "trial and error" . . . you said the wrong words to a few friends and two cold leads.

And your business didn't build itself. Your business didn't work.

* You didn't come to Saturday training's.

* You didn't do three-way calls with your sponsor.

* You didn't listen to my training CDs.

* You didn't come with your sponsor when your sponsor went prospecting.

* You didn't learn how to give a "One-Minute Presentation."

* You didn't learn "SuperClosing" or any closing.

* You didn't learn about the "Colors" - the four different personalities and how to talk to them.

* You didn't learn any effective "Ice Breakers" or openings.

* You didn't learn how to get prospects to beg you for presentations.

* You didn't learn any effective first sentences.

* You didn't learn how prospects make decisions in their minds.

* You didn't learn how to get unlimited appointments.

* You didn't learn how to stop sounding like a sleazy salesman.

* You didn't learn any of the "sequences of words" to communicate directly with the prospects.

* You didn't learn how to use the differences between needs and wants.

* You didn't learn where and how to locate the best prospects.

* You didn't learn how to create prospects instantly on demand with effective sentences.

* You didn't learn the sequences of words top leaders use.

* You didn't learn how to open a presentation.

* You didn't learn how to build instant rapport with anyone.

* You didn't learn how to use word pictures.

* You didn't learn how to talk directly to the subconscious mind of the prospect.

* You didn't learn why prospects tell you "No" when they should be agreeing with you.

* You didn't learn the first things you must say to cold prospects.

* You didn't learn how to locate and create leaders.

* You didn't learn why goal-setting doesn't work.

* You didn't learn how to motivate people.

* You didn't learn how to get your prospects' unconscious minds to work for them.

* You didn't learn how to use stories to bypass the two mind filters of prospects.

* You didn't learn how to quickly capture your prospects' imagination and attention.

* You didn't learn how to . . .

So stop blaming the business.

The business doesn't work.

You work.

Don't blame the "stupid" prospects, the weather, the economy, the product pricing, the compensation plan or your sponsor.

If you want to drive the new car you purchased - learn to drive.
The end.

Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Fortune Network Publishing
PO Box 890084
Houston, TX 77289 USA
PO Box 890084, Houston, TX 77289 USA

Well, Tom said it all!

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

MLM Business Leads-Great Headlines Just For You

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As someone with a business opportunity looking to market it online or offline, capturing a potential prospects attention is very important. The way to do this Having great headlines! As  mlm legend, Tom, Big Al, Schrieter says, "If your first sentence is right, your prospect will become interested, lean forward, open his mind . . . and well, the rest is easy".

Here are a few from Big Al to get your creative juices flowing:

1. How to take a six-month holiday, twice a year.

2. How to fall asleep within seven minutes of your head touching the pillow.
3. If we don't do anything, what will the rest of our lives look like?

4. If you work really, really hard, your boss will have a big house when he retires.

5. "Start dieting - or die."
6. "Turn your life around in just 45 minutes!"
7. "Two paychecks are better than one."
8. "Free vacations in your own business!"

Want to create your own custom first sentences and headlines?

Go to:

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