Sunday, April 11, 2010

Network Marketing Tip-How to Create Unlimited MLM Business Leads

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Today's network marketing tip has to do with how to generate unlimited mlm business leads. This may seem an impossible goal to some reps, but it CAN happen.  I think you will find the following information very helpful.

How to Create Unlimited MLM Business Leads
The number one problem that people have with their online opportunity is creating MLM business leads. Most people usually get frustrated with lead generation and end up spending money buying leads. This never works. As a matter of fact I dare say that I have never met anyone who has successfully built an MLM business buying leads. Lets talk about how to generate MLM business leads for your business.

Over-whelmed, I hear this more than anything else when someone begins their online business. Information over-load, this happens to 95% of the people that I talk to. Your hit from every angle known and your wallet takes a beating. Let me guess, every course you buy gives you just enough information to get started...then bamn. You realize something is missing or find out that this person is just trying to milk another monthly fee from you.

Enough! Stop what your doing right now. Take out a piece of paper and write down any money that your spending on marketing. Next step, stop payment. Go ahead and do this right now, I will wait.
Now, take a deep breath and relax. Focus on the reason that you started your business online. Now, My promise to you. If your coach-able, I will give you all the skills you need to become successful in this industry. All the training, mentoring and self development you need to succeed. The cost? $0 That's right I said nothing. All that I ask is that your coach-able and you understand that you have to become a student of the industry. I will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on the direction of YOUR business.

Ok, back to MLM business leads. There are many places to generate leads for any MLM business. The problem is most people do not understand how to target them. This is mistake number one. Mistake number two is, most people try a little marketing here and there then quit. Maybe spend a couple of days on facebook or writing a blog post or two. What happens next? No leads and you quit, stating that this does not work. It does work, you just need the skills to master one MLM business lead generation technique before you move onto the next.

Social Networking is quickly becoming a very large audience. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace just to name a few. What these sites have become is a very large ocean of people arguing with each other about how their businesses are better than yours. Wrong, wrong and more wrong. What is the difference between blasting your opportunity on someones Facebook page and walking up to a stranger in the store....nothing. There is no difference.

Video marketing has also exploded with popularity. There are more than 25 different sites that host videos. Again with everyone blasting why their MLM business is better then yours. Even if you get a few leads from these sites, with that kind of marketing how can you compete?
Lets go back to becoming a student of the industry....and providing value for everyone that you encounter. Remember when I said that the number one problem with most people is creating MLM business leads for their business? Maybe study what the number 2 problem or number 3 problems are that people are having with their business. Help others solve enough of their problems and yours will all be solved too! 

Grab your free ebook and learn how to get free lead for your MLM business. This is a people business, so study people.


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