Sunday, December 05, 2010

Network Marketing Training Tip-How to Get Your Facebook Friends to Your Events

I think today's network marketing training tip you will find highly useful, especially if you are currently are a member of Facebook and have some knowledge of how that massive social networking site works.

Most people who use Facebook to grow their business are likely aware of the "events" application. Some people may have even used it, but with little success. If this describes you, you are in luck because today you will finally learn how invite and get people to your event very quickly.

I discovered this information at Debbie A. Ballard's mlm consultant blog at She had this to say about how to use events:

"You don’t want to offend people by shoving your network marketing opportunity down their throats. However you suspect from the conversations taking place that some might be very interested in learning more about that mlm opportunity (especially since so many people have lost their jobs).

With social media marketing tactics, as I have written about before, aggressive hyped up behavior is not welcome. Watch the video for tips regarding how to get your Facebook friends to your events and make sure your invites are appealing and straightforward.

You just might be pleasantly surprised as to who shows up! With some networkers building thousands of Facebook friends each, this tactic can be powerful in garnering new reps and new customers. This video provides just another example of how Facebook marketing can be utilized in your network marketing business."

To take a look at the video Debbie is referring to, just follow this link:

This information shared is great and very helpful!

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