Monday, December 13, 2010

Network Marketing Prospecting-How to Use the $1 Coupon for Instant Retail Sales

Tom, Big Al, Schreiter always comes up with creative network marketing prospecting tips! I recently received his "Big Al Report" and in it he talked about how to use the $1 coupon for instant retail sales.

As usual in Big Al's world, all of this is about learning the skills and being creative, so you as a rep can always keep your mlm business in motion!

So, let's learn how to use the $1 coupon technique!

The $1 coupon for instant retail sales.

Most coupons are boring. They seldom motivate prospects.

But what could be more exciting than receiving a crisp, new $1 bill?

Instead of creating a printed coupon, give your prospect a crisp, new $1 bill and call it your special coupon.

Here is an example . . .

At the end of your retail diet product presentation you say:
"Mr. Prospect, that's our wonderful diet product. And I have a wonderful coupon to give you as my 'thank you' for giving me your time. Here is a crisp, new $1 bill - your coupon.

"Now you can use this coupon three ways.

"First, you might decide that you don't want to lose weight. Then you might use this crisp, new $1 bill coupon to purchase your favorite candy bar. Well, you'll gain a little weight, but at least you'll enjoy using the coupon, right?

"Second, you might decide that you don't want to lose weight but that you'd like to frame this coupon and put it on your wall. It will look nice and you can enjoy viewing this coupon while wishing that you could lose some weight.

"Third, you might decide that you want to lose weight now. Then you could use this coupon to get our complete diet product package at preferred customer prices - saving you almost $23!

"So Mr. Prospect, here is your coupon. Use it any way you wish."
You'll have your prospect's undivided attention.

Use this same coupon technique for prospecting, recruiting, or ???? All it takes is a little imagination to modify this $1 coupon technique for your business.

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Summer said...

That is so creative! I can't wait to try it! I can see how the $1 coupon could be used for various products, besides weight loss as well.

Great post, Monique.