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Network Marketing Training Tips- How to Drive Hordes of Traffic To Your Blog Part 1

As someone who is doing network marketing today, one thing you must learn to become good at is writing. A blog is a great way to not only connect and share with others, but also a great tool to to build your mlm business.

If you have a blog, one thing you must master is how to drive hordes of traffic to it. If people like what you say, you can get some great mlm prospects from it.

Gideon Shadwick has some great tips on how to create content and generate traffic. If you do what he says, you will see success.

Roll up your sleeves because there are 9 tips you can begin to use today if you use a blog for network marketing prospecting.

Tip 1: Benchmark your blog with other popular

Benchmarking your site with other popular sites is
one of the easiest ways of optimizing your blog
for search engines.

What is benchmarking?

Simple... all you do, is have a look at the
keywords and content that other popular websites
in your niche are using, and then you use those
same ones and add your own keywords and content to
the mix.

For example, say you have a new blog in the magic
niche. You could quickly do a Google search of the
keywords that you want to rank for - eg "magic

[The more specific you can make your keyword
search terms, the easier it will be for you to
compete for those same keywords. For example,
competing for the keywords "fat loss" in the
overweight niche would be very difficult. But if
you use something like "fat loss for pregnant
woman" as your keywords, your chance of doing well
compared to the other sites will be greatly

Ok, back to the magic example...

By looking at the websites that come up on the
first page of Google, you can get a pretty good
idea about the keywords they are using on their
site and also the kind of content that they are

You can then make a list of all those keywords and
add them to your existing list of keywords that
you want to use on your own blog.

There are a number of other things you can do as
well to benchmark your site, but this will already
help you for finding the right kind of keywords to
use in your blog posts and pages.

Gideon and Yaro
Become A Blogger

Next up are what are called "internal" SEO
strategies, and they involve smaller, but
effective things you can do to help optimize your
blog content...

So, stay tuned for those!

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